Everything starts and ends with you. You are the question and the answer think about it. #you#words#realtalkwithmatty



Everyone learn at their own pace don’t pass judgement just because you have awaken seeing the light and ready to learn. Remember you used to be just like them in the dark asleep and lost.

Take care of yours

Everything starts and ends with your mindset. Once you master a positive mindset you can accomplish anything your heart desires.


Let Joy be your compass and guide you to love peace and happiness. #joy#realtalkwithmatty#wordpress

My Journey



Who you spend time with is a reflection of yourself. People usually hang with individuals who they feel comfortable around and can relate to one another and share the same mindset.




You already have the battle the enemies all around you. Don’t fight with the enemy within. #realtalkwithmatty#wordpress#words

Walk your own path

Many people fail because they try to emulate someone else’s style and that’s the wrong formula to use. Everybody is different with different thoughts and ideas you should be your own person and create your own path I’m not trying to be the next anyone I’m trying to be the first me.

Stop over thinking

why as human beings we always think that we can control every aspect of life when in actuality the only thing you can control is your self and your actions.

We will try to map out our life journey only to get discourage when it doesn’t go as planned. And that’s where the problem lies sometimes we try to control every situation even the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry it just a fact of life.

People sometimes overthink too much trying to plan and calculate every waking hour every step and that’s just simply impossible. Life will throw you some curve balls your way it’s just part of life when problems arise you have to handle them accordingly and move forward.

But you also need to have fun live a little and enjoy life to the fullest every moment every hour every minute you only get one life so make it count. Stop overthinking all the time just live.



Doesn’t matter

Sometimes we put too much thought time and energy and into things that really doesn’t matter.


The only thing that you can control in this world is you and your actions. Don’t let the negativity of others destroy your happiness a peace of mind is worth more than gold these days.

In life you will cross-paths with some unhappy and miserable people you have to let them be and focus on yourself and maintaining your inner peace.#realtalkwithmatty#wordpress

Keep your eyes on the road ahead

I’m only concerned with my journey therefore I’m looking straight ahead at the road keeping my eyes on my lane trying to reach my destination not worried about what everybody else around me is doing. Satchel Paige said it best don’t look back something might be gaining on you. #realtalkwithmatty#satchelpaige#wordpress

Positive words

You might not be where you want to be in life right now but with hard work and dedication you will be just keep the faith and trust in you and the process.

Just because right now you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel doesn’t mean it’s not there. You just haven’t went far enough yet to see over the horizon. #realtalkwithmatty#monday motivation#postive#wordpress#words

Wise words

In 2019 I promise to let go of all the drama and negative people and so called friends from my life all in search of piece of mind and to make this year the best ever. #realtalkwithmatty#wisewords#wordpress#twitter#baltimoreblogger


Words can inspire they can also teach many use their words to bring joy love knowledge and preach. Some people use words so well that they can paint a detail picture of a story. We used words to describe create and express emotions words can also be used as a tool or a weapon.

Words have bought many people together but also tore them a part. Some use their words in writing poems and song as various form of art. Words are powerful and never should be taken lightly my advise to you is choose your words wisely. #Realtalkwithmatty#words# realtalkwithmattyblog#baltimoreblogger

Words are nothing without actions behind them

Words don’t mean nothing without action behind them. They are just hollow like a straw.


When you want peace in your life you have to get rid of all the unwanted negative engry surrounding you and sometimes that means people that you have known for years as well.

You might have to reexamine your relationship with some people that includes partners family co-workers and friends now it might seem a little harsh but for your own sanity and peace of mind it’s worth it.

Your happiness should always come first before anyone elses and if they don’t understand that it’s time for them to hit the road. Life becomes more easier when you delete the negativity people from your life and you embrace the positivity energy.


The best way to learn about someone is to listen to their words and see do they live by them and do the words they speak matches their actions. Follow these rules you won’t be fooled.

Kind words

When you’re kind and genuine with a positive mindset you never know how your words can affect people. Your simple words can give people courage hope and inspire them to never give up and give them to drive to keep going. It all starts from positive words.

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