Good morning

Good morning everybody it’s Friday I hope you have a productive happy and positive day. Don’t let nobody stop you from living your life or filling your dreams run your race. Enjoy the rest of your day stay focus hungry positive and move in silence.✌️


#Monday Motivation

It’s a brand new week and a fresh start to recreate yourself. Don’t let anyone stop you including you make it happen.

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on protest pushback: ‘They don’t like the message’

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on protest pushback: ‘They don’t like the message’

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Russians linked to political Black Lives Matter ad on Facebook targeting Baltimore

Russians linked to political Black Lives Matter ad on Facebook targeting Baltimore

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# Knowing yourself and Loving yourself

I choose the titled knowing yourself & loving yourself for this blog  because the words are powerful.   There are so many people that will sacrifice their own happiness just to please others( that’s sound like a recipe for disaster).

You can’t make anyone else happy if you’re not happy with you first.   People spend so much time trying to please everyone else but will ignore themself.  Your very own star player (you) how are you going to try to please everyone else but push your feeling morals and believes to the side and still make your self happy you can’t if you believe that you’re lying to your self.  To know yourself is to be honest with yourself  to shine in your own truth and except your  own faults.

I think the serenity pray said it best god grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference it all starts with you.  You can’t truly love someone if you don’t love yourself first know your own worth.  Asked yourself when you start looking for a mate what do you look for first in a person do you look inward to a person heart and soul, or do you look outward at beauty looks and big body parts ( what ever you like).

When you’re looking to start  a relationship what type of person are you look for a materialistic person or  maybe a self-indulgent individual with that you get the lies games and  immaturity.   Or do you look inward to a person heart morals values honest and mature.

Asked yourself  this when you in a relationship are you the victim or are you the bully what I mean by this  is are you the person who keep complaining about how someone is treating you.  Keep lying to you being disrespectful  putting your feeling on hold cheating on you (the victim) or are you the type of person who stand up for their beliefs ( right or wrong) what todays society like to call  ( the bully).

Everything starts with you.   You are the question and the answer.   You may ask why do people keep lies to me ignore your feeling mistreated me (the question) because you haven’t required them to treat you any different and you allow it. ( the answer)   When you keep doing the same thing but you are looking for different results that’s insane .

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone and you tell them you don’t appreciate something but they keep doing it over and over again and you look at them like why don’t they get it maybe it’s not them maybe it’s you.   If you tell a person the same thing 356 what you think they going to get it 357 may be you should change your mindset.  People can only do what we let them do. Everything starts with you love yourself first and  the rest will follow.


# middle-aged life crisis

40 is the new 30 (LMBO) well maybe not for the responsible adults 40 is the same old 40 and these are the times you’re planning for your future and your retirement some people are still taking care of school age kids while some others maybe taking care of their aging parents as well.

Throw in spouses or partners along with work and co-workers don’t forget about family and friends all the while you trying to secure your future enjoy your life and maintain your own sanity and peace of mind.  Well welcome to another episode of this is your life I’m your host Realtalkwithmatty today show is midlife crisis destination straight ahead.


Can you imagine dealing with all the situations that I just mentioned all at once this could make your life a little stressful all the while you are not trying to lose yourself in the midst of it all. Taking care of your parents can be a job within itself especially if they are used to being independent and now they have to depend on others for help.  Doctor’s appointments making sure their taking medicine on time or even mild suggestions can become a war within itself dealing with your parents especially if you’re dealing with somebody who used to taking care of their own affairs and not answering to anybody this could be problematic and a recipe for disaster and now you got a fight on your hands.



With a pinch of not cooperating an unwillingness to make change a dash of I raised you fool don’t tell me what to do. Throw in a little bit of stubbornness and now you’re smack in the mist of a battle a middle age battle between you and your parents you might lose some battles but the objective is to win the war to make your parents last moments on earth as peaceful and relaxing as possible.

Now the battle with your parents is enough to deal with by itself but sometimes you face different wars on different fronts as well your kids spouses or partners dealing with family and friends can seem overwhelming at times. One thing that’s important that you need to remember is you need to take care of your star player (you) before you will be dealing with your own midlife crisis.


A midlife crisis could be a major life experience such as dealing with the loss of loved ones or a loss of a job an affair maybe the feeling of loneliness or abandonment a divorce this could lead to feeling depression remorse anxiety for others they have desire to achieve youthfulness or make drastic changes in their lifestyle.

Dealing with all the situations that I mentioned earlier can be quite overwhelming at times the parents kids spouses or partners work and coworkers all the while you’re trying to take care of your own needs. In these times one thing you have to remember is you have to take care of yourself and make time for yourself to enjoy life regroup and relax. Your no go to any one if you’re somewhere upset and stress.  Remember you can only control you and your actions. And to those who have not experience this yet. Midlife crisis coming to a lifestyle near you.


NBC to produce series following a fictional Baltimore mayor

NBC to produce series following a fictional Baltimore mayor

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# Mr. Drama Queen

Men I need help  contact me as so as possible.  I have misplaced my men handbook and I need a new copy because there have been some new changes made that I haven’t been informed of.

The first question I have is when did men become so needy ( so Mr. Drama Queen ) I mean they act like they can’t do nothing for them self, Nothing. 

Think, read, write, talk,  laugh, cook, clean, smile,  and live, they make everything seem like a daunting task when it comes to some men.  Theirs nothing worst them a grown man crying  and whining all the time but don’t do anything to help their own situation  but always looking for someone to bail them out.  One thing they can do quite well is keep drama going.

I understand that everyone learns at their own pace, we all suppose to grow and mature at some point in our lives but for some men they don”t even try nor do they try to learn still waiting for someone to do it for them.  They seem more worried about gossiping and keep drama going then living life and learning how to take care of their self.

I know life can be a scary thing sometimes but you still have to put on your big boy pants on and embrace it start with positive thoughts and  positive energy or are you going to do keep hiding running and ducking from adulthood and your responsible.   Well if this is your through process you need to have a realtalk moment with yourself and ask how has that method of thinking been working out for you so far.

I said earlier that their nothing worse than a man whining all the time, well a gossiping man runs a close second.  Gossiping what section is that under character flaw I can’t find it.   I must have missed a couple of meeting or didn’t get the memo about the change when did men become so damn dramafied.

Men now days are worst then women when it comes to gossip starting shit and keeping drama going all the time.  When did men become so much attention whores that they want  to be notice all the time and it doesn’t matter to them were it comes from men or women just as long as they get the attention that they are seeking.   Now if you don’t participate in the foolishness with them (they acting like they have their very own tv drama show)  dramafied people usually get emotional and get mad at you.

Sometimes I feel like Dwayne Wayne it’s a different world from where I came from,  I remember when men sole purpose was   going to work to take care of their family, now they seem more comfortable causing confusion and drama.

We all have choices in life you can choose to live with drama or you can choose to live positive.  Positive thoughts bring positive energy brings a positive mindset in the end it’s all up to you.


Are you a person that’s thirsty and craves attention all the time does this sounds like you if so call now  to enter the Mr. Drama Queen of the year contest dial 1-888-8888 operators are standing by.  You must be dramafied to enter the contest, the grand prize is a Diamond Tiara from drama-r-us you also win a year supply of me telling you that Real Men Don’t Gossip sit your ass down.  Now that’s Realtalk.


#Your memory lives on

Losing a love one is never easy And for me these last couple of weeks has been a difficult times of for me. One of the last elder statesmen in my life. Douglas Barns has pasted away  it’s been a rough moment. When I think back to when I was a child Doug always took the time to talk to me and always gave me words of encouragement even when I didn’t want to hear them.

I remember one time as a kid I got in trouble in school for (who knows I stayed in trouble) and back then  when I was growing up the whole family would  talk to you in an effort to put you on the right path, this particular time Doug was one of the people who came talk to me and this particular  day, well I wasn’t trying to hear what he had to say ( young smelling my self )  I guess that pissed Doug off because the next thing I know he had me hind up in the hallway telling me listen here jack as he had a few choice words for me but that just who Doug he would give you encouragement when you need It, but he would also give you a tongue lashing as well all in the same tone never raising his voice.

My last year of high school I was in a work study program  I had a chance to work at the hospital that Doug work for. My second week working there I happen to run into Doug he asked me how was  the job coming along then he proceeded to introduce me to different staff members and told them to keep an eye out for me that just who Doug was always looked out for people.

I got to see first hand how Doug interact with the many staff members and patience when it came to Doug it didn’t matter about gender, religion, races, or classicism he loved people and they all love him.


As I sit in the chapel listing to all the difference speaker talk about how Doug was a good man, a great employee,  a spiritual man the best grandfather and a tremendous coach but for me he was family.  They say it takes a village to raise a child I agree, It was just blessing to have some strong tribal leaders in my life.  Man like Matthew, Jerry,  Rozell, Alonzo, Charles, and Doug these were the men in my life that taught me right from wrong showed me a strong work ethic and in still morals and values into my everyday life and help made me the man I am today and for that I will always be thankful.

Nathaniel Douglass Bond Sr. has coach countless kids thought out his life time. Doug was more than a football coach he was a life coach for so many as well,  His name and legacy will always live on.

# Who are you

Who are you?    When you ask someone this question there’s two thing you need to do to see if the person is telling you the truth about their self,  by listening to their own  words and watching their action. No one can teach about their self better than the teach them self.

You know the old saying actions speak louder than words and that’s true but it only give you half of the equation without the words you can’t get a true understanding of how a person really think, feel, or act in certain situation, for me you can’t have one without the other. # Words

People will sell you a wet dream all day every day if you buy into it, but there true nature and the real them can be seen in their actions and their words.

No one person has the answer to every question.  You might ask 10 random people what’s the capital of Nevada or what are the 3 branch of government are and out of the 10 if you can get 4 people to answer either of the questions is good, but when someone ask you who are you that’s one question that every person should have the answer to.

Some time as people we focus on the present or our future but try to hide our past or maybe forget it altogether  your pasted is a part of you,  it’s your history, your heritage and should be in brace, if for nothing more than inspiration or just a learning experiencing it’s still part of you and  your make up as a person so you can accept who you really are You are what you are or keep lie to yourself and others on what you’re pretending to be.

thO67WE42A lie

People will try to convince you  how they’re a good person or try to tell you who they really are, in the end your real representative will show up soon or later. You can talk all day and tell people who you are but your words are hollow with out the actions to go along with it.  Your actions will always tell the truth about who you really are.

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