# Your a liar


The mystery that lies within

One thing I can’t stand is a liar if you will lie you also will cheat and steal they pretty much go hand in hand.

For some people lying seem to be an addiction like drinking and drugs. You expect a bunch of foolishness and lying from kids that’s what they do but not from grown ass adults.

We are quick to holla that we are grown but soon as some type of adversity comes along we are quick to try to weasel your way out of something. we would rather stand in front of someone and tell them a bald face lie instead telling them the truth that doesn’t sound too grown up to me. I guess for some lying is second nature

Bad Credit

Grown people lying for no reason is one of the biggest mysteries out there and getting an answer that’s sensible is about as elusive as Chessie the Chesapeake Bay monster.

Some would suggest a character flaw in an individual others might call it immaturity however you word it. It still adds up to bad credit and therefore you can’t be trusted and your words has as much value as lint in someone’s pocket and If I can’t truth you I don’t mess with you. Your words have no credit.


Tell the truth

Why lie is it the need to fit in with people or maybe not to disappoint someone either way the truth always seems to show up and at the wrong time no matter how much you try to lie and deceive.

One can lie to other in the hope of deception or to mislead but when you lie to yourself. You become entangled in your own webs of lies and deceptions and become lost in the process. People have forgotten the number one Golden Rule never lie to yourself because if you lie to yourself then you’re really not happy with the person that you really are.

Telling the truth is always the right way to go Mark Twain had a quote that says it best if you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.

My corporation

Imagine you’re CEO of your own company how would you run it…

If you’re in charge of a major company (like AT&T) you wouldn’t let someone come in and  destroy the company or devalue it nor would you let them bring your stock down in your corporation before you say enough is enough and get rid of them.  So the same method can be used for a relationship.  The other day I got dragged into a convention two women was having. Complaining about their relationships I thought this was Subway eat fresh not hay stranger do you want to hear this.


Finger pointing 101

Now I don’t mind listening or helping somebody if I can. I believe in today’s society we play the victim too much and not taking enough responsibility for our own part in a situation.  The taller of the two women ask me excuse me sir would you respect a man who always cheat and lies to you well you shouldn’t a real man wouldn’t respect that.

It was obvious that the woman already had her mind made up and really didn’t want to hear what I had to say. I guess I was there for moral support or maybe an honorary girlfriend for the moment.

The women then stated I wasted 10 years fooling with him. Now its human nature to complain about stuff that we have control of but won’t do nothing to change your situation or fix it. People can only do what we allowed them to do.

So you can’t complain about someone’s ruining your life and you’re sit right there in the passenger seat watching the accident about to happen. Stop playing the victim and take charge of your life and become your own hero.wp4phone_20160919181102_1



As I excused myself from the lady’s I thought to myself sometimes in life you have to think outside the box.  Ask yourself this do you know your own worth. If you’re the CEO of a fortune 500 company ( your relationship) that means you’re in charge of the daily operations such as hiring firing and routine over seeing of the company .

Your responsibility for whom to hire and are they a good fit for your company. Will they show a good return on your investment and increase your company growth.

You made a decision and hired a new employee and business is flourishing life is good and everything is going well. So well that you are thinking about merging the 2 company’s together and making them a shareholder in the company. ( remember always keep the majority stock in your own company)

The first couple of years are going well. A new partnership between you and your new employee is great your company is growing profits are on the rise. But just like with companies (relationship) sometimes hit rough and turbulent time. When that moment occurs what are you going to do ( Mr. Mrs.) CEO.


Ownership is required

Your company profits are down marketing sales and productions are at an all-time low it might be time for you to make tough decisions like cut back and layoffs. As the CEO of your own company are you going to sit by and watch your company crumble crash and burn by somebody else’s hands or are you going to do something to prevent this.

The same philosophy can be used in relationships . Sometimes in relationships we put more stock into other people then we do ourselves.

Listening to the lady at subway talk about her man and blaming the whole 10 years on him without no accountability for her own action in the relationship is ludicrous.  If you’re the CEO of your company then you’re in charge of the entire operation. The hiring the firing the disciplinary actions nothing shouldn’t happen without your permission remember you are the only one who should have the majority control of your corporation.

Monday morning

Good morning everybody it’s Monday. I’m publishing a new blog next Saturday. Everyone have a great day and remember positive mindset brings positive thoughts brings positive energy.

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on protest pushback: ‘They don’t like the message’


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