Monday Motivation mindset

Sad but so true. Some people have problems with their own inadequacies that’s why they attack you and hate you.


A different perspective

A negative person can only go as far as there negative thought will take them. But if you learn how to look at life with a different perspective this could open up a whole new realm of thoughts ideas and possibilities for you. #perspective#realtalkwithmatty#wordpress


When you fail it a life lessons that you learn. And from what you have learn you get valuable experience and knowledge that will help you grow.

Good morning

I’m not in competition with no one. I’m staying in My own Lane running my own race and all I see in front of me is the road ahead I’m not trying to be the next anyone I’m trying to be the first me. Remember you can’t live your life through another man’s eyes focus on you and stay on your path.

Good morning people. Life has it’s good and bad moments it’s ups and downs focus on the good and leave the negative behind enjoy the rest your day people and have a great Tuesday.


The first step in how to acquire knowledge is to listen and learn. #knowledge#monday motivation#blog#realtalkwithmatty

Feature of the week

I rather speak my mind and say my peace then to suffer in silence. #feature of the week#Aristotle#blog#realtalkwithmatty

Good morning

A peace of mind is a beautiful thing and and shouldn’t be sacrifice don’t let people gaslight you into feel like it’s wrong for you to defend your happiness protected at all costs.

Good morning people focus when your happiness today maintain a peace of mind. Remember happiness starts within you can’t make anyone else happy if you’re not happy. I hope everyone have a phenomenal day enjoy. #goodmorning#blog#realtalkwithmatty


People will try to put you in a box or tell you what you should do with your life but you are in control of your life and the choices that you make are up to you. #decide#blog#realtalkwithmatty

Life lessons

Instead of constantly beating yourself up about past mistakes use that time wisely. Learn from the errors of your ways forgive yourself move on from the past learn and build for the future. #live life to the fullest #realtalkwithmatty#blog

Believe in yourself

The struggle may be hard at times your journey may be long but remember to believe in yourself you can overcome any obstacles in your way with sheer will determination and faith guiding you on your way. #Believe in yourself#positive#realtalkwithmatty#blog


I can tell you about life but you wouldn’t comprehend. Sometimes you have to be on the front line to witness first hand the battles of life to understand.#life#blog


Courage is the strength to keep fighting even when you don’t want to and the fortitude to never quit. #courage#blog

No regrets

Don’t look back on your life wishing you had done more upset angry with regrets. It’s better to look back at your life with lessons that you have learned then sorrows and wishes. #Life# blog


You should plan for your future now. But life come with no guarantee so appreciate today and live each and every moment of your life while you here on this Earth. Live your life to the fullest. #live you life to the fullest#blog

Good morning

I hope this morning brings you hope happiness and full of opportunities for you. Good morning everyone enjoy your day. Stay happy think positive be bless. #Good morning#Blog

Good morning

Good morning people life is a gift that we should cherish appreciate and enjoy you only get one so live it to the fullest. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day. Stay happy think positive be bless.


The best way to move on in life is forgiveness sometimes that means forgiving yourself. #Positive

Good morning

I hope the New year bring you wisdom love happiness and prosperity in the years to come. Good morning people I hope you have a great and glorious day enjoy. #Good morning


The only way that you can lose if you don’t give it a try.#Positive

Good morning

Good morning people Happy New year to everyone I hope you enjoy your day. Make 2019 your year it the beginning of a new year and it time to reinvent yourself and conquer this new year on the path to happiness and a better you in 2019. Stay happy think positive be bless #Good morning#Happy New Year

Good morning

Good morning people may your day be filled with love hope and blessings today. You were able to see another gorgeous Monday morning so why not seize the opportunity and make the most of it. Live your life to the fullest. Have a bless and positive Motivational Monday enjoy. #Good morning#Motivation Monday#Realtalkwithmatty


Be careful when you’re dishing out the tea it piping hot and it might spill on you. Something to think about to the people that like to gossip all the time stay in your lane. If you’re working on yourself you don’t have time to gossip about others. Real talk! #Positive#Realtalkwithmatty

Good morning

Good morning everybody I wish you a blessed happy and positive day today. Let today journey be a memorable one for you enjoy your Sunday everyone. #Good morning#Sunday#Postive

Good morning

Good morning people. Life has a way of showing you who people really are. See them for their true self and except them for who they are because you can’t change them. The only thing you can control is yourself and your actions and how you deal with them and the situation.

I hope you have a great day and enjoy the rest of this beautiful Saturday. #Good morning


Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking. To have values principles and a strong believe righteousness. #integrity

Good morning

Good morning I wish everyone a fantastic day today and my the rest of your day be positive and happy enjoy.#Good morning


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