Change your mindset

Everything starts with your mindset you want a better life. Then the first thing you need to start with is making a better you.



Wise perspective

🙏🏿 You can’t help no one else until you learn how to help yourself first real talk. #realtalkwithmatty#perspective#wordpress#baltimoreblogger#baltimore

Your growth

When we speak about growth it not just in peaceful moments or happy times. But real growth comes from dealing with adversities and you still have the character and mindset to do the right thing even when others around you are doing wrong those type of quality shows growth. #growth #Realtalkwithmatty#wordpres#baltimoreblogger

Trust the Process

Is easy for someone to judge when they are sitting on the sidelines doing nothing just watching your every move. As you work towards achieving your goals you will make mistakes along the way it’s part of growth. Just remember no matter how slow the progress is appreciate the journey and trust the process it will pay off.

Growth mindset

There’s are two mindset fixed and growth. A fixed mindset or closed mindset will ignore advise feel threatened by others gives up easily and we’ll find a way to avoid all challenges and problems that comes their way.

A person with a growth mindset or open mindset welcome criticism and learns from it. Accept all challenges willing to learn from others and is inspired by their success. Keep going even when things get difficult.

My question to you is which of the two mindsets best describes you?


Once your mindset changes your whole perspective changes you have a better understanding of life and what’s important to you and what not. #growth

Raising your kids

There’s a difference between raising your kids and hindering your kids. When you hindering your child you are impeding their progress of growing up. You’re not helping by taking care of all their needs and not teaching life skills and how to survive.

When you’re raising your kids you’re teaching them how to be social independent and responsible. Don’t teach your kids to be just like you teach them to be better then you help them grow. Give them emotionally support in the hopes of one day they would do the same for their kids.# blog


To all the people that fought through adversity and hard time trying to improve your life. Some days you wanted to quit but you had the courage to keep going on I commend you. #growth# mel robbins#blog #realtalkwithmatty


I don’t know if some people need a hug or foot in their ass want to gossip all the time. People that like to gossip all the time don’t have a life. The time and effort that you put in somebody else’s business you can do something positive with your own life. Sad☹️ Kookookachoo God loves you. Bless their heart. #Growth #2 funny 😂😂 😂#Blogger#Realtalkwithmatty

The Universe

The universe is always talking to people they just don’t listen you can’t keep doing dirt and think you’re going to keep getting away with it all debts will be paid


As I get older and become more mature you realize that you don’t have a lot of patience for foolishness drama and petty games and some people may perceive this as changing.

It’s not that I think I’m better than anybody else it’s just I have a different view on life then others and I’ve have become more mature.

You can’t grow in life always trying to dim someone else’s light this won’t help you become a better person. And for me I didn’t change I just found myself I’m trying to live love and learn in the hope of becoming a better man a better father a better husband a better human a better me.


Every action doesn’t require a reaction silence sometimes is golden. Arguing with a person trying to get your point across can be fruitless unless the person has an open mind to understand your point of views and your feelings you’re wasting your time.

# Knowing yourself and Loving yourself

I choose the titled knowing yourself & loving yourself for this blog  because the words are powerful.   There are so many people that will sacrifice their own happiness just to please others( that’s sound like a recipe for disaster).

You can’t make anyone else happy if you’re not happy with you first.   People spend so much time trying to please everyone else but will ignore themself.  Your very own star player (you) how are you going to try to please everyone else but push your feeling morals and believes to the side and still make your self happy you can’t if you believe that you’re lying to your self.  To know yourself is to be honest with yourself  to shine in your own truth and except your  own faults.

I think the serenity pray said it best god grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference it all starts with you.  You can’t truly love someone if you don’t love yourself first know your own worth.  Asked yourself when you start looking for a mate what do you look for first in a person do you look inward to a person heart and soul, or do you look outward at beauty looks and big body parts ( what ever you like).

When you’re looking to start  a relationship what type of person are you look for a materialistic person or  maybe a self-indulgent individual with that you get the lies games and  immaturity.   Or do you look inward to a person heart morals values honest and mature.

Asked yourself  this when you in a relationship are you the victim or are you the bully what I mean by this  is are you the person who keep complaining about how someone is treating you.  Keep lying to you being disrespectful  putting your feeling on hold cheating on you (the victim) or are you the type of person who stand up for their beliefs ( right or wrong) what todays society like to call  ( the bully).

Everything starts with you.   You are the question and the answer.   You may ask why do people keep lies to me ignore your feeling mistreated me (the question) because you haven’t required them to treat you any different and you allow it. ( the answer)   When you keep doing the same thing but you are looking for different results that’s insane .

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone and you tell them you don’t appreciate something but they keep doing it over and over again and you look at them like why don’t they get it maybe it’s not them maybe it’s you.   If you tell a person the same thing 356 what you think they going to get it 357 may be you should change your mindset.  People can only do what we let them do. Everything starts with you love yourself first and  the rest will follow.


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