I gave it my all

If you’re in a relationship that’s just not working and you feel like you had enough don’t feel bad when you walk away from a one-sided relationship. If your partner is pushing you away and is unwilling to work out the problems that going on what else can you do but leave.

If you know that you gave it your all in the relationship there no reason to feel embarrass a shame or upset about it. The relationship can only work if both parties are willing to work towards the same common goal of staying together and fight for there love.

If your partner is not willing to fight for the relationship then maybe it’s best that the two of you separate. Why keep putting yourself through the mental anguish reminiscing of what used to be. You have to be honest with yourself and see it for what it is today not how it used to be.

Breaking up is never easy but for your own peace of mind it might be necessary. There’s no need to be in a one-sided relationship that detrimental to your physical health and mental well being the best thing you can do is end it and just walk away.

If you know that you gave 100% in the relationship and it didn’t work out then it wasn’t meant to be. You can walk away with no regrets knowing that you gave it your all remember your happiness should always come first.


Happy birthday Jackie Roosevelt Robinson

Happy 100th birthday to Jackie Robinson the great icon became the first African American baseball player to break the Major league baseball color line when he made his major league debut with the Brooklyn dodgers April 15th 1947.

Jackie Robinson withstood many obstacles in his way including racism and bigotry through it all he stood for what he believed in and on this day I salute 42 Jackie Roosevelt Robison for his heroism and bravery. #Jackie Roosevelt Robison#happy100th birthday#Realtalkwithmatty#wordpress#baltimoreblogger


We as human beings will find away to talk ourselves out of doing something. When it comes to trying new things and committing to it we already have our disclaimer on hand quick to give 100 reason why we can’t do something.

Fear is the biggest reason why people never chase their dreams afraid of failing and fear of the unknown will hold you back every time. You can do anything that you want to but it starts with you. You have to be your biggest supporter their an inner strength that you need to tap into. You have to see it first before you can get others to believe it.

Stop saying what you can do and start believing that you can achieve. When you’re chasing your dreams there will be doubter but don’t let the enemy within be the biggest one. Words are powerful don’t let others stop you from fulfilling your dreams If you can see it you can achieve it.


No captions needed. #knowledge#blog


Those who have knowledge can open up minds help people create new thoughts and ideas so one day they can build their own foundation of knowledge and wisdom and teach others how to create build and grow. #knowledge#blog

Good morning

Sometimes sometimes you have to be selfish with your personal space and time. You have to learn that you can’t save everybody many people don’t want your help they just like to hear their self complain.

Why keep wasting your time with people and their one way relationships. When they need someone to talk to they have no problem contacting you hell they expect nothing less and in their damn mind it’s a requirement. But if the tables was turned you wouldn’t get the same treatment you wouldn’t get a call a text smoke signal message by carrier pigeon nothing.

Stop stop giving your energy to one-way relationships the same people that only call when they want something. Will be the same ones that wouldn’t even throw you a life jacket if you were drowning in your own emotional sorrows. Stop giving your attention to one way relationships.

Protect yourself and your peace of mind this is vital for you and your health. The universe spoke to me this morning about this I just answered the call. This message is for someone that needs to read it or even pass it along.

Good morning everybody have a great day stay happy think positive be bless. #goodmorning#blog


Knowledge is power and the key to success. #knowledge#blog


Be yourself

Don’t lose yourself because you’re surround by bad people. Never let anyone steal your joy misery loves company and they are looking for new friends don’t be part of the madness stay happy think positive be bless. #be yourself#blog#realtalkwithmatty


Stop stressing over every situation that you can’t control. The only thing that you can control is yourself and your actions. #Monday motivation#blog#realtalkwithmatty


Words without actions are meaningless hollow just like a straw. If you don’t live by your own words then you are fraudulent. #words#blog#realtalkwithmatty

‘Shazam!’ Rumor Reportedly Confirms Major Villains


Baltimore police commissioner nominee’s resume overstates accomplishments on violent crime drop, body cameras – Baltimore Sun



Stop being a pessimist put away negative thoughts open your mind two positive thinking be happy and optimistic about the future. #Positive#blog#realtalkwithmatty

McDonald’s straw fight: Worker in viral video says boxing helped her fend off customer who grabbed her – CBS News




Good morning

Don’t look at your past with sadness or regret but focus on your future with zest faith and hope.Good morning everybody I hope you have a safe and pleasant Saturday morning. #Good morning#Blog


There are too many angry people these days are unhappy with life. Make 2019 your year to find happiness and inner peace. A peace of mind is a beautiful thing. Stay happy think positive be blessed.#Happy#Postive#Blog#Stayhappythinkpositivebeblessed

Protect you

Sometimes when you trying to build and grow you have to leave negative people behind. You can’t keep looking out for people who’s not doing the same for you as soon as you turn your back they pulled the knife out stabbing you.

You down with O.Q.P

You down with OQP yeah you know me I’m sorry that this song was stuck in my head. For those who don’t know what OQP stands for it means only quality people and for me this has become a daily fixture in my life.

I adopted this perspective 4 years ago to only surround myself with quality people and the results have been amazing. To be able to surround yourself with like-minded people is a beautiful thing to have the ability to communicate learn and grow from other people with the same passion positivity and drive as you is simply a blessing.

These are the type of people that I want to be around who helped bring the best out in you. You can keep the drama and negative people over there I’m good. To have OQP people in your corner who support you that has the same grind vision commitment as you is phenomenal.

Now when you talkin about negative people you shouldn’t expect that type of commitment vision or support from them there energy is totally different it’s like watering a dead plant and wondering why it won’t grow for me only quality people that I wish to be around it’s like the old adage if you hang around 9 broke friendship you going to be the 10th one.

I rather hang around 10 O.Q.P people and let their influence positivity and knowledge rub off on me. #Blog#O.Q.P

New year resolution

What is your new year resolution for 2019? What ever it may be make an honest commitment to stick to it. For me I promise myself that I will stay humble continue to learn and grow as a man father and husband in the hope of becoming a better human being.

I plan to be more open compassionate kind and helpful all while keeping a positive mindset. To live life to the fullest to experience new things try new ideas to meet more like-minded people and face all challenges head-on.

In 2019 I plan to read more books travel a little more this year be more healthier and wiser all while maintaining my inner peace. And in 2019 I believe that inner peace it’s very important to everyone health and stability going into a new year.

Don’t compromise your own happiness to please others always maintain your inner peace even if that means you seek professional help then do it nobody will look out for you better than you it takes real courage to understand that you need help and go seek it. In 2019 inner peace is a beautiful thing. So whatever your New year’s resolution is stick with it and making 2019 your year.

Peace and Equality

People calm to be kind hearted people and pretend to be good law abiding citizen and religious yet there’s so much evil rasial biases and injustice that is happened in the world today but you are quiet what ever happened to loving your fellow man. Just because you claim some things doesn’t mean it true you say that your kind-hearted Christians but I don’t see any signs of that.

They are merely word if there’s are no action behind them. If you are quieted and pretending that nothing is going on in today’s society then you are no better than they are. If you not standing for justice and human rights then you’re just the systems accomplice aiding and abetting in their plan.

You can’t keep pretending to be blind and not knowing what going on in the world everybody’s not walking around with rose colored glasses on if you’re not helping them your part of the problem as well. There can’t be peace on earth until it justice and equality for everyone. #Blog#Peace and Equality#Realtalkwithmatty

Knowledge of self

Who you are? Now you would think that this is a easy question that everybody should be able to answer right but that’s not always the case.

For some people this might be a difficult question to answer especially if you’re not honest with yourself and have a true knowledge of self. Who you really are is shown in your every day words that you speak how you how you treat other people and the way that you carry yourself.

When you have true knowledge of yourself you have the ability to be honest with you to take full responsibility for your actions expect your faults and make peace with it.

For some people when you asked them this question I think they get confused by it. Too many people try to please everyone else first that they will disregard their own happiness trying to satisfy others.

I believe people are so use to sending their representative trying to make everybody happy that they get caught up in everyone’s else perception of them that sometimes they get lost.

When you have knowledge of self you will not compromise your own happiness to please others first you have no problem being the real you. Not sending a representative faking and pretending to be something that you’re not. When you have true knowledge of self it powerful.

# The new walking dead is your smart phone

From baby boomers to millennial my how things have change in the world today. We once were free thinking free spirits weed smoking hippies who was living their life to the fullest enjoying every moment and making lasting memory ready willing and able to take on the world.

Now fast forward to todays society and we have become mind less zombie anxiously awaiting for notification and alerts for our phones ready to jump and respond as soon as you received them. Wow we have went from free spirit thinker to modern-day zombies serving a device.

Smart phone was supposed to be the new way of the future but for many people they has become obsessed with their phone or others may call it an addiction just a bunch of smart phone junkies that need their next fix.

What cell phone are doing is causing a big distraction. People are having problems with human interaction and destroying relationships. At one time in life you would get on an elevator you will meet someone with a warm greeting now it’s just more easier to pull out your cell phone and start staring at a screen waiting to obey the next command.

The cell phone zombie apocalypse has taken over you can find people on their cell phones at churches sporting events parties funerals the list can go on and on cell phones has also been a big accomplish in breaking up many relationships over various things from Facebook status to what’s in your phone history.

The word smart phone itself is an oxymoron smart phone are supposed to make life easier and people smarter but instead it turning people into mindless zombies following the herd.

Your device supposed to be for your entertainment and pleasure not to dictate your every move and control your life. It’s cool to see how entertainers athletes and politicians are living but not to the point when is dominating your own life. The cell phone zombie apocalypse is real.

I love my walk home

Some times in life we can get caught up with the every day struggles of life.  Work bills sibling spouse children family and even friends can seem daunting at times. You have to remember take a breath and enjoy life live in the moment sometimes.  My child started an after school program and she needed to be picked up twice a week. The family decided whom ever was free would pick the baby up .

The first day the program started I pick my daughter up. It seem like that every thing that could go wrong on that day went wrong from pot holes to Co-workers internet connection it happened just one of those days. I pick up my child still mad and frustrated about my day and all of a sudden my child comes running out of the school like the building was on fire excited.  She gave me the usually warm greeting asking me how was my day sounding like she has been on this earth before as she begins to tell me about her day.

Telling me what they did in class and what they had learned today how much fun she had and how Jaden didn’t listen to the teacher and got in trouble I laugh just that fast I had forgotten all the troubles I’ve gone through that day just listening to my daughter talk about school and enjoying life.  For some people listening to children talk about kids stuff might seem trivial but for me I enjoyed every moment.  I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with my two oldest kids maybe every other weekend so I didn’t get to see all their younger moment like losing teeth first steps or unwrapping Christmas presents so with the youngest two I enjoy every little moment.

As we continue our walk home on this warm spring day my daughter saw a campaign sign and asked me what did the signs say I told her I’m not going to read the sign.  You known how to read sound it out after she took her time and figured out what the sign said my daughter had the biggest grin on her face with the look of accomplishment that she was able to figure it out all by herself.  I’m standing there with a grin on my face for me it’s a Kodak moment one of those memory that will last for ever.

That’s why I love these walk homes to enjoy and live in the moment because one day my baby will grow up and be an adult.  But for right now her mind is on school ballet and shopkins I know soon their will be boys her first bra prom graduations and some day maybe down the road a wedding.  So for now I’m enjoying every little moment.  They grow up so fast.

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