# Forsaking all others

Relationship invasion

When did people marriages become a public discussions or a town hall meeting. Why are so many people in marriages are inviting guests into their relationships or what I like to call unwanted outside Consultants.

Theirs nothing wrong seeking advice from a true friend we all need help from time to time.  A true friend will have your best interest at heart not choosing sides in the matter.  Just giving their honest opinion straight no chaser even if that means checking you sometimes.

Now so-called friends are totally opposite they don’t come with an objective opinion about your relationship or situation they are strictly bias ready to cause mayhem and havoc to your relationship and before you know it you have a relationship invasion on your hands.

Give them an inch they will take a yard

There’s an old saying you wouldn’t invite the fox into the hen-house so you need to be careful who you discuss your marriage or relationship with remember misery loves company and sometimes misery bring their banana cream pie recipe with them. ( ready to mess up your relationship )

like I mentioned before a true friend will be there for you to give support and not picking sides or being judgmental trying to give good advice.  If the person that you’re talking to is not providing that you might want to rethink discussing your relationship with them.

We all have had a moments in our relationships when you needed to vent to someone about your relationship. Sometimes problems can arise if you’re not talking to a mature person. Give a person an inch they will take a yard and some people don’t understand that you’re venting and not looking for allies in a war and sometimes you have to remind yourself the same thing.   You can’t get mad at somebody if you inviting them into your house and they got their feet up on your coffee table.  People can only do what you allow them to do.

Commitment or confusion

Most people remember the ceremony when they got married but seems to forget the words to the wedding vowels on that day love honor cherish in sickness and health forsaking all others as long as both of you shall live till death do us part.

You  made a commitment between yourself your partner and God and now you’re trying to renegotiate the commitment and add an outside consultant for advice to the mix.

In today’s society it seems to be normal to discuss your problems with everybody  except the person that you’re in a relationship with your partner.  And to me that seems asinine you wouldn’t ask a cat for stock advice so why would you ask somebody who’s miserable about relationship advice.  When you started the relationship it was only you and your partner so only you and your partner should have a say-so in the matter and if you need a mediator it should  be God.




# Buyer remorse

Have you ever bought a product and it claimed to be new and improved version of the merchandise and you believe it and you get excited, better quality, greater  value it seems like one hell of a deal, it’s only later that you find out that  you have the same old product that you have had before,  now that’s false advertisement. Now can you imagine that you’re in a relationship and this happens to you the classic bait and switch what you thought was the women of your dreams turns out to be banana cream pie (A Broken Person )

You meet someone and they are everything that you had envision in a woman   sophistication, intelligent, gorgeous, kind and strong a dream come true.   You and her  are click like a well oiled machine, she starts a sentence and you finish it before she does, you get her and she understands you two peas in a pod.

You both share everything with each other past relationships your hopes, dreams, and  even your fears.   She tells you that she need a good man in her life and makes a promise to love you protect honor and respect her king forever, and you make a promise to her to do the same for your queen.   You catch your self thinking about her all the time and the way she make you feel.   When you was sick she took care of you, that time  you was having a rough day at the office  just hearing her voice made you smile and brighten your day. These feeling has you thinking that this might be the one to settle down with she’s so different from the Banana cream pie women you have dealt with in the past ( or so you think that’s about to change ).


Yesterday is gone and today your world has changed  you’re dealing with a new day and  a new person .   Yesterday  you thought she might be the one, now you see it the same old product. You was her rock, her king but today you’re nothing more than a mere filthy peasant, where she use to be kind and look out for you now she carried it like y’all are strangers or mortal enemies, you  use to check on her to see how her day was going now she feels like you’re bothering her and she doesn’t have time for you.  You once open your heart to her telling her your deepest fears now she use that against you.

In today society the first thing people say is what did you do to her to make her act that way.   Some time you don’t have to do nothing wrong, hurt people do hurtful things a broken person will not take responsibility for their own acting nor will they help them self  neither.  They  will blame everyone else for their problems and will try to break you if you let them. They can’t help themselves It’s what they must do to make them feel better, but it does mean you got to take it .  The best thing you can do for them is to let them walk their own path you can’t help nobody that’s not helping themselves.   Men when you are starting a new relationship take your time and be careful who you let in and who you share your heart with or you might have buyer remorse later,  me myself I’m on a drama free diet I don’t want no Banana cream pie you can keep it I’m good.