# Mr. Drama Queen

Men I need help  contact me as so as possible.  I have misplaced my men handbook and I need a new copy because there have been some new changes made that I haven’t been informed of.

The first question I have is when did men become so needy ( so Mr. Drama Queen ) I mean they act like they can’t do nothing for them self, Nothing. 

Think, read, write, talk,  laugh, cook, clean, smile,  and live, they make everything seem like a daunting task when it comes to some men.  Theirs nothing worst them a grown man crying  and whining all the time but don’t do anything to help their own situation  but always looking for someone to bail them out.  One thing they can do quite well is keep drama going.

I understand that everyone learns at their own pace, we all suppose to grow and mature at some point in our lives but for some men they don”t even try nor do they try to learn still waiting for someone to do it for them.  They seem more worried about gossiping and keep drama going then living life and learning how to take care of their self.

I know life can be a scary thing sometimes but you still have to put on your big boy pants on and embrace it start with positive thoughts and  positive energy or are you going to do keep hiding running and ducking from adulthood and your responsible.   Well if this is your through process you need to have a realtalk moment with yourself and ask how has that method of thinking been working out for you so far.

I said earlier that their nothing worse than a man whining all the time, well a gossiping man runs a close second.  Gossiping what section is that under character flaw I can’t find it.   I must have missed a couple of meeting or didn’t get the memo about the change when did men become so damn dramafied.

Men now days are worst then women when it comes to gossip starting shit and keeping drama going all the time.  When did men become so much attention whores that they want  to be notice all the time and it doesn’t matter to them were it comes from men or women just as long as they get the attention that they are seeking.   Now if you don’t participate in the foolishness with them (they acting like they have their very own tv drama show)  dramafied people usually get emotional and get mad at you.

Sometimes I feel like Dwayne Wayne it’s a different world from where I came from,  I remember when men sole purpose was   going to work to take care of their family, now they seem more comfortable causing confusion and drama.

We all have choices in life you can choose to live with drama or you can choose to live positive.  Positive thoughts bring positive energy brings a positive mindset in the end it’s all up to you.


Are you a person that’s thirsty and craves attention all the time does this sounds like you if so call now  to enter the Mr. Drama Queen of the year contest dial 1-888-8888 operators are standing by.  You must be dramafied to enter the contest, the grand prize is a Diamond Tiara from drama-r-us you also win a year supply of me telling you that Real Men Don’t Gossip sit your ass down.  Now that’s Realtalk.


# True friend 

Have you ever dealt with a person at work or maybe at some type of social gathering and you know that this person is not your cup of tea for what ever reason, but you still try to be cordial but this person telling everyone how you are the best of friends knowing that y’all are not.

 When you say the word  friend what does this mean to you?  For some people this is a  lifetime commitment for other it’s a  when I need you bases commitment.  Asks yourself this question which person are you.


Are you the one that’s there for someone right or wrong good times as well as bad the one to give your surpport , a kind word or sometimes just to listen. A true friend will tell you the honest true even when you don’t want to hear it,  that one that look out for you  their true motives is your well being. 

Or are you the so call friend who talks behind people backs only to seek out that same person for help (now that’s a special snowflake.  ) that same type of so-called friend who only calls when things go wrong an they need your help, never check on you to see how you are doing, but they know your number for the latest gossip or if they need your help they got you on speed dialed. 

We all go through this sometime in our life, mine time was about 4 years ago. I had to step back revaluet some of my so-called friendship they were a little to one sided for me.  We all have our own lives and the rigger of everyday life is a job in its self but in this day and age were you can contact people dam near every way you can imagine ( phone call, texting,  e-mail, video chat, carried penguin, and  coming soon the tongue phone, LOL ) theirs no excuses not to stay in contact with someone if they are your True Friend. 

Just because this person is your childhood friend, or your blood relative, your co-worker or your Husband or Wife no one should take your friendship for granted. 




#Your memory lives on

Losing a love one is never easy And for me these last couple of weeks has been a difficult times of for me. One of the last elder statesmen in my life. Douglas Barns has pasted away  it’s been a rough moment. When I think back to when I was a child Doug always took […]

Losing a love one is never easy And for me these last couple of weeks has been a difficult times of for me. One of the last elder statesmen in my life. Douglas Barns has pasted away  it’s been a rough moment. When I think back to when I was a child Doug always took the time to talk to me and always gave me words of encouragement even when I didn’t want to hear them.

I remember one time as a kid I got in trouble in school for (who knows I stayed in trouble) and back then  when I was growing up the whole family would  talk to you in an effort to put you on the right path, this particular time Doug was one of the people who came talk to me and this particular  day, well I wasn’t trying to hear what he had to say ( young smelling my self )  I guess that pissed Doug off because the next thing I know he had me hind up in the hallway telling me listen here jack as he had a few choice words for me but that just who Doug he would give you encouragement when you need It, but he would also give you a tongue lashing as well all in the same tone never raising his voice.

My last year of high school I was in a work study program  I had a chance to work at the hospital that Doug work for. My second week working there I happen to run into Doug he asked me how was  the job coming along then he proceeded to introduce me to different staff members and told them to keep an eye out for me that just who Doug was always looked out for people.

I got to see first hand how Doug interact with the many staff members and patience when it came to Doug it didn’t matter about gender, religion, races, or classicism he loved people and they all love him.


As I sit in the chapel listing to all the difference speaker talk about how Doug was a good man, a great employee,  a spiritual man the best grandfather and a tremendous coach but for me he was family.  They say it takes a village to raise a child I agree, It was just blessing to have some strong tribal leaders in my life.  Man like Matthew, Jerry,  Rozell, Alonzo, Charles, and Doug these were the men in my life that taught me right from wrong showed me a strong work ethic and in still morals and values into my everyday life and help made me the man I am today and for that I will always be thankful.

Nathaniel Douglass Bond Sr. has coach countless kids thought out his life time. Doug was more than a football coach he was a life coach for so many as well,  His name and legacy will always live on.