# What’s up with you

I got a notification from my blog the other day. I’m thinking that it was a comment a new subscriber or maybe a like to the blog. But that wasn’t the case.

It was a personal message from someone I went to high school with. He started the message by telling me how he still get women and how everyone is jealous of him then 2 seconds later the turn around and said o yeah I heard you doing your little thing with your blog.(SMH bless his heart)

Now this particular individual always kept drama going with him and by the tone of the text it seem like things haven’t changed over the years.

Now at first I didn’t know how to respond to this message. But with age comes wisdom and sometimes you have to ignore people and let them be who they are. So you wanted to know what I’ve been up to player since the last time I saw you.

This year started off with a bang I was part of the negotiation team for a new contract on my job and we were successful one of the best contracts in quite some time. I really enjoyed the experience this time around the first time was back in 2001 and it was very stressful. I believe life is the best teachers if you come with an open heart mindset and the willingness to listen and learn.

A new NFL season is upon us but I decided to take the NFL Blackout Challenge. We as people can’t keep on complain about nobody helping us and we are not helping ourselves.

Then turn around and support their causes when they don’t give a damn about ours. Colin Kaepernick said he was protesting against police brutality towards the minority community so I’m standing with kap.

Am I My Brother’s Keeper. Yes I am in these day and time we need more shepherds we got plenty of sheep already.

I’m still down for the cause like I just left Washington DC and it October 16 1995.

Working on a new project trying to figure out a way to bring good energy to a city that’s hurting and show it in a positive light instead of the darkness that you see on TV.

Like Baltimore rapper Tana said I’m just trying to give them hope. The wife is fine and gorgeous as ever my kids are grown and doing well I’m well life is great. School just started up so it’s straight home to help mike mike with her homework.

Still keeping tabs on the older ones Marcus Marcia and Courtney. I get to see them every once in a while just trying to stay involved and connected in their lives. All of them can be stubborn from time to time like their pops but what can I say their all my baby’s so daddy has to keep an eye out for them.

As for me I learned a long time ago that people will try to discredit you or belittle what you’re doing when in fact all they doing is hating from the sidelines and watching your every move so I stay humble and quiet. I staying busy with work wife kids business still maintaining time for myself and family.

I’m still at JHU fighting the good fight I’m about to introduce to the world Alton Jones coming to Realtalkwithmatty blog near you so stay tuned. This is what I’ve been up to. What have you been up to player?


# Knowing yourself and Loving yourself

I choose the titled knowing yourself & loving yourself for this blog  because the words are powerful.   There are so many people that will sacrifice their own happiness just to please others( that’s sound like a recipe for disaster).

You can’t make anyone else happy if you’re not happy with you first.   People spend so much time trying to please everyone else but will ignore themself.  Your very own star player (you) how are you going to try to please everyone else but push your feeling morals and believes to the side and still make your self happy you can’t if you believe that you’re lying to your self.  To know yourself is to be honest with yourself  to shine in your own truth and except your  own faults.

I think the serenity pray said it best god grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference it all starts with you.  You can’t truly love someone if you don’t love yourself first know your own worth.  Asked yourself when you start looking for a mate what do you look for first in a person do you look inward to a person heart and soul, or do you look outward at beauty looks and big body parts ( what ever you like).

When you’re looking to start  a relationship what type of person are you look for a materialistic person or  maybe a self-indulgent individual with that you get the lies games and  immaturity.   Or do you look inward to a person heart morals values honest and mature.

Asked yourself  this when you in a relationship are you the victim or are you the bully what I mean by this  is are you the person who keep complaining about how someone is treating you.  Keep lying to you being disrespectful  putting your feeling on hold cheating on you (the victim) or are you the type of person who stand up for their beliefs ( right or wrong) what todays society like to call  ( the bully).

Everything starts with you.   You are the question and the answer.   You may ask why do people keep lies to me ignore your feeling mistreated me (the question) because you haven’t required them to treat you any different and you allow it. ( the answer)   When you keep doing the same thing but you are looking for different results that’s insane .

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone and you tell them you don’t appreciate something but they keep doing it over and over again and you look at them like why don’t they get it maybe it’s not them maybe it’s you.   If you tell a person the same thing 356 what you think they going to get it 357 may be you should change your mindset.  People can only do what we let them do. Everything starts with you love yourself first and  the rest will follow.


#A letter to America


Dear America why do you hate Black people so much, what have we done to you, to deserve this treatment the lies, abuse and the blatant disrespect towards black people. Most Black people are good law-abiding citizens that goes to work, to provide for their self and their family to make a better life for them, but that doesn’t seems to matter to you, as people are losing there lives( for any thing you can name ) at alarming rate. It seem as white America has its own preconceived notions about Black people that we all are thugs, crooks, violent, barbaric race that White America should be scared of, when in fact it should be the other way around we should be afraid of you and history show it.

tNever Forget - The Native American Genocides

According to David Stannard who wrote American Holocaust 1992 estimates that 100 Million Native Americans were killed, Mr Stannard argues that the genocide against the Native American population was the largest genocide in history. Mr. Stannard also estimates that some 30-60 Million Africans died being slaved while the other slaves that lived were used for slaves labor, This type of behavior has been going on since the migration of Europeans to American from Taking the Native Americans land, raping the woman , and killing the men this is what this country was built on from the beginning. (Murders Lies and Genocide)

call that a white privilege, don't you_ - Democratic Underground

Over the last 5 years I have heard a lot of White American complain about they feel like they are losing the country especially republicans , and to those people I have a Million dollar questions for them , If white American Is losing the county who is winning it’s definitely the Black race and if it’s up to Donald Trump and the republicans the black race will never win. People fear what they don’t understand or can’t control for Us to grow as a county and heal we must first start looking at people as individuals and judge them by their character and Morals, and not by the color of their skin.but when you have preconceived ideas about a race or a person it’s hard to change some people minds even when the truth is right in front of their face, American has murder over 160 Million Africa American and Native America and hasn’t thought twice about it , but yet we are the thugs and the crooks. As I said before history shows who really hate who and who should be scared of who.

The U.S National anthem says land of the free and the home of the Brave but in today”s Society that not true. # Justice & Equality

# Take A Stand


When you turn on the news all you hear is Colin Kaepernick and how everyone feels about the situation. It seems that everybody has an opinion about the matter. What makes me scratch my head about the whole thing is that once again the media is in the full front of this mess.

When I first heard about this, what caught my attention was the Breaking news bulletin then the reporter proceeded to talk about Colin Kaepernick not standing up for the National anthem, as I got myself together to go watch my favorite team play what really had me puzzle was why was this Breaking news .

People are being murder at an alarming rate, but Colin Kaepernick was the Breaking news and once again Main stream media is at it again, Colin Kaepernick has not stood up for the National anthem the entire pre-season games so why now is this a news story nobody cared before that he wasn’t standing, or was people upset at what he said.

The first amendment said freedom of religion and freedom of press as well as freedom of speech, I guess that apply as long as you do what the masses want  you to do, and not what people really feel like doing, but what is quite ironic the same people who are in an up roar about Colin kneeling during the National anthem or disrespecting the flag and what it stand for are the same people who are trying to take those same freedom and liberty’s away from Colin Kaepernick for standing for what he believes in.



Colin Kaepernick  explain why he was taking a stand against the wrongdoings of African and minorities in the United States, not once did Kaepernick said I hate America, or the hell with the military, that was not his message but some how Kaepernick words was turn into he’s anti-American or not patriotic, when in fact Colin is speaking about the injustice  that has happen across America injustice to Oscar Grant, Eric Garner, Mike Brown and the countless other that lost their lives.

To Colin Kaepernick I Commend you while others are pointing fingers and giving words of discouragement you have maintained in your beliefs.( If you don’ stand for something you will fall for anything)


# America’s moral compass is broke

America’s moral compass is broke and she is just refusing to fix it. You don’t have to go far to see what’s wrong with America today just look at the Colin Kaepernick situation. Freedom of speech is a lie you only have freedom of speech if you go along with the masses and what they believe in what they say and not how you truly feel.

Colin Kaepernick is being black balled for taking a stand against police brutality not against the military nor is he anti-American but somehow damn near every media outlet has turned it into everything except for what it really was all about police brutality what also makes this hilarious is the media never call the issue by its name they will say his stance or his cause never say what it really is about police brutality against minorities.

American has a funny way of telling certain people what to say how to think. I remember long time ago there was a guy in Germany that Americans said was evil he was telling people what books they can read and how they should think this man was Adolf Hitler. My question to America is what makes you any different than Hitler if people don’t have democracy the freedom of choice and their freedom of speech.


One of the people who spoke out against Colin Kaepernick was Giants owner John Mara.   Mara said that Kaepernick’s protest was a reason the Giants didn’t consider and bring them in for a workout. Now some may question Mara morals and integrity see the John owner had no problem with Josh Brown the place kicker on his team when he had domestic assault charges against him.

Brown had 20 different incidents that police was called to his house for domestic disturbances but yet somehow he only received a one-game suspension in fact the Giant’s didn’t cut ties with him they rewarded him with a 2-year contract worth two and a half million sound like someone’s moral compass is broken.

The NFL has denied any collusion or black Ballin against Colin Kaepernick but it’s so obvious that even Stevie Wonder can see Colin Kaepernick has been ostracized for taking a stand against police brutality.

One of the oldest tricks of White America is when somebody of minority speaks out against something they usually go in list a person of color to try to discredit them this year fools are cooning Jason Whitlock and Steven from Django I’m sorry I meant to say Ray Lewis to hear them talk about its his performance that’s not getting him signed onto team and not the real issue is Ludacris Colin Kaepernick had 16 touchdowns last year and only 4 interceptions .

Kaepernick wasn’t even the starter last year he took over for Blaine Gabbert but yet Heckle and Jeckle (Whitlock & Lewis) want to say he’s not in the NFL because of his performance  you put up those types of numbers in any form are good from the NFL to Backyard Football.


I have been playing watching and talking about football for over 40 years. I haven’t missed a live game since I was 8. But this year I’m taken the Blackout Challenge against the NFL and all NFL apparel.

Like Colin Kaepernick or not the First Amendment says he does have the right to freedom of speech. To see quarterbacks like Ryan Fitzpatrick Geno Smith EJ Manuel and Even Blaine Gabbert the one that Kaepernick replaced as the start get opportunities to play in NFL is plain silly. The NFL has a stop bullying campaign maybe they should practice what they preach.

Only in America where a black man takes a silent protest that will put people in an uproar but a white woman can hit her ex-husband in the head with a golf club not received no jail time or no sentences and be rewarded with 750 million dollars it must be the complexion for the protection.   Colin Kaepernick stood up for us so we should be able to stand up for him America’s moral compass is broke. If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.

Our freedom of speech is freedom of death you got to fight the powers-that-be.

#NFL Black out