Chris Hansen, former “To Catch a Predator” TV host, arrested over bad checks, police say – CBS News



The first step in how to acquire knowledge is to listen and learn. #knowledge#monday motivation#blog#realtalkwithmatty


Knowledge is power and the key to success. #knowledge#blog


Raising your kids

There’s a difference between raising your kids and hindering your kids. When you hindering your child you are impeding their progress of growing up. You’re not helping by taking care of all their needs and not teaching life skills and how to survive.

When you’re raising your kids you’re teaching them how to be social independent and responsible. Don’t teach your kids to be just like you teach them to be better then you help them grow. Give them emotionally support in the hopes of one day they would do the same for their kids.# blog


I Pray for the strength and knowledge to overcome any obstacles in my way and the wisdom to know when to walk away from bad situations. #pray#blog#realtalkwithmatty

You are who you are

The older I get the more I don’t have time for foolishness. People have more faces than a deck of cards and I choose not to be a part of there childish game so I stay away from all the madness.

But make no mistakes about it the monster inside me still lives so don’t wake him up. He’s quiet and we should leave him that way never take my kindness for a weakness stay over there with that foolishness and I’m going to stay over here and do me.#blog#realtalkwithmatty


To all the people that fought through adversity and hard time trying to improve your life. Some days you wanted to quit but you had the courage to keep going on I commend you. #growth# mel robbins#blog #realtalkwithmatty

Focus on your inner peace peace

Worrying doesn’t take away your troubles. Focus on what you can control and let go of the other problems. Stressing over something that you have no control over will only make you sick miserable and takes away from your inner peace. Focus on the positive and let go of the worries. #Focus on your inner peace#blog#realtalkwithmatty

Be yourself

Don’t lose yourself because you’re surround by bad people. Never let anyone steal your joy misery loves company and they are looking for new friends don’t be part of the madness stay happy think positive be bless. #be yourself#blog#realtalkwithmatty


Stop stressing over every situation that you can’t control. The only thing that you can control is yourself and your actions. #Monday motivation#blog#realtalkwithmatty


Words without actions are meaningless hollow just like a straw. If you don’t live by your own words then you are fraudulent. #words#blog#realtalkwithmatty

‘Shazam!’ Rumor Reportedly Confirms Major Villains

McDonald’s straw fight: Worker in viral video says boxing helped her fend off customer who grabbed her – CBS News

New year resolution

What is your new year resolution for 2019? What ever it may be make an honest commitment to stick to it. For me I promise myself that I will stay humble continue to learn and grow as a man father and husband in the hope of becoming a better human being.

I plan to be more open compassionate kind and helpful all while keeping a positive mindset. To live life to the fullest to experience new things try new ideas to meet more like-minded people and face all challenges head-on.

In 2019 I plan to read more books travel a little more this year be more healthier and wiser all while maintaining my inner peace. And in 2019 I believe that inner peace it’s very important to everyone health and stability going into a new year.

Don’t compromise your own happiness to please others always maintain your inner peace even if that means you seek professional help then do it nobody will look out for you better than you it takes real courage to understand that you need help and go seek it. In 2019 inner peace is a beautiful thing. So whatever your New year’s resolution is stick with it and making 2019 your year.

Happy New year

Happy New year from my family to yours enjoy.πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Suspect subdued with stun gun after stabbing Tinder date suddenly dies, police say | Fox News date#Realtalkwithmatty

Bye Felicia

Is so nice I had to post it twice see you next year Pittsburgh.#Bye bye Pittsburgh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Good morning

Good morning I wish everyone a fantastic day today and my the rest of your day be positive and happy enjoy.#Good morning

Merry Christmas

Season greetings everybody.

Good morning

Good morning everyone I hope you have a awesome day and a happy Saturday. Enjoy your day. #Good morning#Realtalkwithmatty

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Dick Gregory

The Great Dick Gregory #Dick Gregory#Realtalkwithmatty

Dick Gregory

The Great Baba Dick Gregory. #Realtalkwithmatty#Dick Gregory

Dick Gregory

Baba Dick Gregory

#Realtalkwithmatty#Dick Gregory


Relationship are beautiful when both parties are on the same Accord working together loving one another respecting each other it is truly a thing of beauty. Now the flip side of that is when a relationship goes south it usually all hell breaking loose chaos and mayhem.

When you speak about relationships words like love communication and honesty comes to mind but commitment also plays a big part in the union. With out these basic skills a relationship will not sustain the test of time.

A relationship is a job within itself you have to have patience and understanding communications also vital for a healthy relationship. If both partners are not strongly committed to one another and their relationship then they surely will grow a part and go their separate ways.

Just like anything in life that’s worth having a relationship takes time to develop but you also have to have love patience trust dedication and a strong sense of commitment to each other and make a promise to not let the enemy within and any outside forces tear you apart.

Dick Gregory

Inspirational words from Dick Gregory. #Realtalkwithmatty#Dick Gregory#Feature of the week

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