Believe in yourself

When things seem dark and hopeless don’t give up have faith keep pushin when others doubt you never doubt yourself keep the vision make it happen you can do it trust in yourself and trust the process.



Dealing with everyday life can be demanding and stressful enough by itself without listening to somebody trying to crush your dreams. Don’t get frustrated definitely don’t give up stay strong have faith continue to run your race.

Your journey is for you and you alone no one else opinion matters you don’t need a co writer all you need is you your vision and your dreams.


The day that you look for people and materialistic things to make you happy it’s the day that you lose yourself. No one or nothing can make you happy but you. Happiness starts within learn how to love yourself first before you can love other people.


What you put in the universe will return to you. if you are a good person and you’re doing good blessings will come. If you’re not living right well the universe will show you that too. People always saying they have bad luck I don’t believe in bad luck it’s just the universe showing you that you’re not living right. It’s Friday stay happy humble and most of all have a piece of mine. Enjoy the rest of your day.



Stop giving your all to people who don’t appreciate you time or value your opinion. Give them a taste of there own medicine start treating them the same way they treated you and watch how they flip on you and act like you did something wrong.



A open minded person love to learn to grow foretravel new places to discover new wonders they have no problem adapting to the changes of life and society today.

While others are lost in a period of time unwilling to change their mindset not trying to learn nor grow staying stagnated. If you’re not willing to grow mature learn and discover new things you will be a prisoner of your own doing.

A open-minded people are willing to learn and grow so they can survive.


Be careful who you get advice from it might not always be good advice. Listen to their words how they talk. Are they coming from an angry place in life or a happy one do they solve their own problems or do they always play the victim pay attention.

Hey just giving some advice. I’m saying would you go to Uncle Pete for marriage advice if he been married seven different times Uncle Pete might not be the right person to give you marriage advice now divorce advice Uncle Pete might be your guy I’m just saying.


Maturity is not always about age. It the way you view life and the thing you value and the way that you handle situations also the way you carry yourself and how you treat others are some of the ways you show how mature you really are.


It’s a wet rainy day in Baltimore. I just came back in from voting making my voice heard. I know there’s a lot of people that complain about the voting system saying that it’s corrupt wicked and evil so is the internet and TV but I bet you’re not boycotting that. You can’t complain if you’re not participating you want a opinion go vote.#Vote# rainy and Baltimore#RRealtalkwithmatty

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