The corporation

The other day I got dragged into a convention two women was having complaining  about their relationships I thought this was Subway eat fresh not hay stranger do you want to hear my mess now I don’t mind listening or helping somebody but sometimes we played a victim too much in society.   The taller of the two women ask me excuse me sir  would you  respect a man who always cheat and  lies on you well you shouldn’t a real man wouldn’t respect that.

It was obvious that the woman really didn’t want to hear what I had to say she already had asked me to question and answered at the same time I guess I was there for moral support or maybe I was an honorary girlfriend for the moment the women said I wasted 10 years fooling with him.

It’s human nature to complain about stuff that we have control of but won’t do nothing to fix it.   People can only do what we allowed them to do so you can’t complain about someone’s  ruining your life and you’re sit right there and watching them do it and don’t do nothing to prevent it, stop playing the victim and become your own hero.

As I excused myself from the lady’s I thought to myself sometimes in life you have to think outside the box know your worth.    Think about in this perspective as far as your relationship goes you are the CEO of a fortune500 company and you’re in charge of whom to hire and who would be a good fit for your company to run the daily operations.

After months of carefully going through application you finally picked your candidate the one that will help you increase your earnings and help your company grow your new COO.

The chief operation officer (COO) handle issues related to marketing, sales, production, and personnel.  Your new COO of your company is everything that you imagine your profits and business is flourishing life is good and everything is going well so well that you are thinking about making your COO a shareholder in the company. ( Always keep the majority stock in your own company)

The first two years of the new partnership between you and your new COO works great!!! together your companies on the rise.  Just like with companies relationship sometimes hit rough and turbulent time to.

Now the next 8 years for you are not so great when it comes to your company business is down profits is down marketing sales and productions are at an all-time low it might be time for cut back and layoffs.   As the CEO of your own company are you going to sit by and watch your company crumble or are you going to do something.

Sometimes in relationships we put more stock into other people then we do ourselves to listen to the lady at subway talk about her man and blame the whole 10 years on without no countability for her own action in the relationship is ludicrous.   If you’re the CEO of your company then you’re in charge of the entire operation there shouldn’t be no coup and nothing should happen without your permission remember you are the only one who should have the majority control of your company.

# Mr. Drama Queen

Men I need help  contact me as so as possible.  I have misplaced my men handbook and I need a new copy because there have been some new changes made that I haven’t been informed of.

The first question I have is when did men become so needy ( so Mr. Drama Queen ) I mean they act like they can’t do nothing for them self, Nothing. 

Think, read, write, talk,  laugh, cook, clean, smile,  and live, they make everything seem like a daunting task when it comes to some men.  Theirs nothing worst them a grown man crying  and whining all the time but don’t do anything to help their own situation  but always looking for someone to bail them out.  One thing they can do quite well is keep drama going.

I understand that everyone learns at their own pace, we all suppose to grow and mature at some point in our lives but for some men they don”t even try nor do they try to learn still waiting for someone to do it for them.  They seem more worried about gossiping and keep drama going then living life and learning how to take care of their self.

I know life can be a scary thing sometimes but you still have to put on your big boy pants on and embrace it start with positive thoughts and  positive energy or are you going to do keep hiding running and ducking from adulthood and your responsible.   Well if this is your through process you need to have a realtalk moment with yourself and ask how has that method of thinking been working out for you so far.

I said earlier that their nothing worse than a man whining all the time, well a gossiping man runs a close second.  Gossiping what section is that under character flaw I can’t find it.   I must have missed a couple of meeting or didn’t get the memo about the change when did men become so damn dramafied.

Men now days are worst then women when it comes to gossip starting shit and keeping drama going all the time.  When did men become so much attention whores that they want  to be notice all the time and it doesn’t matter to them were it comes from men or women just as long as they get the attention that they are seeking.   Now if you don’t participate in the foolishness with them (they acting like they have their very own tv drama show)  dramafied people usually get emotional and get mad at you.

Sometimes I feel like Dwayne Wayne it’s a different world from where I came from,  I remember when men sole purpose was   going to work to take care of their family, now they seem more comfortable causing confusion and drama.

We all have choices in life you can choose to live with drama or you can choose to live positive.  Positive thoughts bring positive energy brings a positive mindset in the end it’s all up to you.


Are you a person that’s thirsty and craves attention all the time does this sounds like you if so call now  to enter the Mr. Drama Queen of the year contest dial 1-888-8888 operators are standing by.  You must be dramafied to enter the contest, the grand prize is a Diamond Tiara from drama-r-us you also win a year supply of me telling you that Real Men Don’t Gossip sit your ass down.  Now that’s Realtalk.