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40 is the new 30 (LMBO) well maybe not for the responsible adults 40 is the same old 40 and these are the times you’re planning for your future and your retirement some people are still taking care of school age kids while some others maybe taking care of their aging parents as well.

Throw in spouses or partners along with work and co-workers don’t forget about family and friends all the while you trying to secure your future enjoy your life and maintain your own sanity and peace of mind.  Well welcome to another episode of this is your life I’m your host Realtalkwithmatty today show is midlife crisis destination straight ahead.

Can you imagine dealing with all the situations that I just mentioned all at once this could make your life a little stressful all the while you are not trying to lose yourself in the midst of it all. Taking care of your parents can be a job within itself especially if they are used to being independent and now they have to depend on others for help.  Doctor’s appointments making sure their taking medicine on time or even mild suggestions can become a war within itself dealing with your parents especially if you’re dealing with somebody who used to taking care of their own affairs and not answering to anybody this could be problematic and a recipe for disaster and now you got a fight on your hands.



With a pinch of not cooperating an unwillingness to make change a dash of I raised you fool don’t tell me what to do. Throw in a little bit of stubbornness and now you’re smack in the mist of a battle a middle age battle between you and your parents you might lose some battles but the objective is to win the war to make your parents last moments on earth as peaceful and relaxing as possible.

Now the battle with your parents is enough to deal with by itself but sometimes you face different wars on different fronts as well your kids spouses or partners dealing with family and friends can seem overwhelming at times. One thing that’s important that you need to remember is you need to take care of your star player (you) before you will be dealing with your own midlife crisis.

A midlife crisis could be a major life experience such as dealing with the loss of loved ones or a loss of a job an affair maybe the feeling of loneliness or abandonment a divorce this could lead to feeling depression remorse anxiety for others they have desire to achieve youthfulness or make drastic changes in their lifestyle.

Dealing with all the situations that I mentioned earlier can be quite overwhelming at times the parents kids spouses or partners work and coworkers all the while you’re trying to take care of your own needs. In these times one thing you have to remember is you have to take care of yourself and make time for yourself to enjoy life regroup and relax. Your no go to any one if you’re somewhere upset and stress.  Remember you can only control you and your actions. And to those who have not experience this yet. Midlife crisis coming to a lifestyle near you.


NBC to produce series following a fictional Baltimore mayor

NBC to produce series following a fictional Baltimore mayor


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#My Happiness 


Two years ago I had a real talk moment with myself and I didn’t like the answer that I got. Have you ever been fed up with grown ass people who has nothing better to do then keep some type of drama going like an episode of Love & Hip Hop.

That was me two years ago just tried of the drama an gossip same old daily routine. For me it serve no purpose to give my point of view on someone else situation especially if the person didn’t ask me for my view on the matter nor am I doing anything to make their problem better.

If I’m minding my own business and taking care of my own affairs that doesn’t leave me with a lot of time to be worried about any body else life or situations I’m too busy securing my own peace of mind and happiness…

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The corporation

The other day I got dragged into a convention two women was having complaining  about their relationships I thought this was Subway eat fresh not hay stranger do you want to hear my mess now I don’t mind listening or helping somebody but sometimes we played a victim too much in society.   The taller of the two women ask me excuse me sir  would you  respect a man who always cheat and  lies on you well you shouldn’t a real man wouldn’t respect that.

It was obvious that the woman really didn’t want to hear what I had to say she already had asked me to question and answered at the same time I guess I was there for moral support or maybe I was an honorary girlfriend for the moment the women said I wasted 10 years fooling with him.

It’s human nature to complain about stuff that we have control of but won’t do nothing to fix it.   People can only do what we allowed them to do so you can’t complain about someone’s  ruining your life and you’re sit right there and watching them do it and don’t do nothing to prevent it, stop playing the victim and become your own hero.

As I excused myself from the lady’s I thought to myself sometimes in life you have to think outside the box know your worth.    Think about in this perspective as far as your relationship goes you are the CEO of a fortune500 company and you’re in charge of whom to hire and who would be a good fit for your company to run the daily operations.

After months of carefully going through application you finally picked your candidate the one that will help you increase your earnings and help your company grow your new COO.

The chief operation officer (COO) handle issues related to marketing, sales, production, and personnel.  Your new COO of your company is everything that you imagine your profits and business is flourishing life is good and everything is going well so well that you are thinking about making your COO a shareholder in the company. ( Always keep the majority stock in your own company)

The first two years of the new partnership between you and your new COO works great!!! together your companies on the rise.  Just like with companies relationship sometimes hit rough and turbulent time to.

Now the next 8 years for you are not so great when it comes to your company business is down profits is down marketing sales and productions are at an all-time low it might be time for cut back and layoffs.   As the CEO of your own company are you going to sit by and watch your company crumble or are you going to do something.

Sometimes in relationships we put more stock into other people then we do ourselves to listen to the lady at subway talk about her man and blame the whole 10 years on without no countability for her own action in the relationship is ludicrous.   If you’re the CEO of your company then you’re in charge of the entire operation there shouldn’t be no coup and nothing should happen without your permission remember you are the only one who should have the majority control of your company.