Today Make a conscious effort to enjoy life far too often we stress ourselves over things that we have no control of and over-analyze situations and worry ourselves

for no apparent reason.

The only thing that we can control is ourselves and the actions that we take sometimes you have to let go and let God do the work and just watch as the universe shows you the way.

Enjoy the ride

#Enjoy the ride #goodmorningquoteoftheday

When you lay out a plan to accomplish your goals things will happen when they are supposed to have faith in yourself trust the process and enjoy the ride. Good morning people have a safe and blessed Saturday.

Kindness cost nothing

#Kindness cost nothing #goodmorningquoteoftheday

Being kind to someone doesn’t cost you nothing and you never know what type of impact a kind word might have on someone’s day. If your not going to help someone the lease you can do is not harm them.

Giving thanks

#Giving thanks #goodmorningquoteoftheday

Appreciate life enjoy each day and every moment be thankful for family friends and being blessed to see another day. Good morning to all and Happy Mother’s day I hope your enjoy the rest of your day .

Never change

#Never change #appreciate the finer things #Morning quotes.

Good morning people. If your a good kind hearted person never change who you are no matter what the circumstances is don’t lose yourself trying to please others always maintain your honesty and character.

Actions speaks

#goodmorningquoteoftheday #actions speaks

Good morning and happy Friday I wish everybody a great and safe day. Don’t be fooled by people words judge them by their actions and character then sit back and watch their true nature will be shown

Happiness starts from within

#Happiness #goodmorningquoteoftheday

Good morning people enjoy your day. No amount of money prestige or any person can make you happy your happiness starts and ends with you learn how to make yourself happy before you seek it from others.


#Character #goodmorningquoteoftheday #Realtalkwithmatty

The amount of money that you have your social status or who you know does not give a true depiction of who you are. The person that you really are is shown by your words your actions and how you treat other people that shows your true character.

I rather know then to assume

#Assume #Communication

So many relationship fail because of lack of communication. Too many times we assume we know the answer instead of asking the person the question first. Stop assuming you will make a ass out yourself every time. I rather know the facts then to assumed I have all the answers.