Let your conscious spirit be your guide

Why do people go against their own morals just to fit in and be a part of something?

Once you start you will continue to put others needs before your own becoming more worried about someone else viewpoint ideas and thoughts rather than living by your own values and principles.

Truth be told we all have done the same thing once or twice in our lives trying to fit in going along to get along only to feel disappointed when we didn’t get the outcome that we were looking for.

I guess in hindsight the moral of this story is to be true to yourself live by your morals and values and stick to them don’t compromise your beliefs for anyone.

Let your principles be the compass that keeps you on the righteous path and let your conscious spirit lead you and be your guide.

How dangerous are narcissists

How dangerous are narcissists?

If you ever had a doubt how dangerous are narcissists then look no further to the incident that took place yesterday in Washington DC all made possible by the twisted thoughts of a man who still thinks he’s on the campaign trail for an election that he already lost.

He continues to cause division amongst Americans with his device words aimed at causing chaos hatred and mayhem amongst us. If you are still looking for the answer to the question then look no further than 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington DC

Yesterday’s foolishness was all made possible by Mr. grandiose himself Donald J Trump now you see how dangerous narcissists can be.

Some believe a malignant narcissist and a covert narcissist are the two most dangerous ones the fact is that all narcissists are dangerous.

People experiencing grandiose delusions often describe larger-than-life feelings of superiority and invulnerability. In short, grandiosity is an exaggerated sense of one’s importance, power, knowledge, or identity, even if there is little evidence to support the beliefs.

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Love Language

What is your love language? For me, it’s Acts of service. Words don’t mean anything without the action to go along with it.





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Maneuvering through life

Maneuvering through life can be a difficult feat at times the hustle and bustle of the world will have you lost confused and making you feel like you don’t know if you’re coming or going lord knows I have been there.

Between work school family people significant others and taking care of ourselves can make you stressed out and overwhelmed in the rigors of life in these particular times, you have to remain positive and keep your focus on what matters.

Life is hard and none of us have all the answers we are all figuring it out as we go along and there will be times when we don’t know our next move these are the moments that you have to walk in faith and trust in God to show you the way on your path and even though you may not understand everything going on around you have faith and let the universe be your guide on your journey.

The universe speaks to us every day are you listing to it saying?

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Get in the game

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Growth is growth no matter how small the steps are the object in life is to get in the game and start the process not just watch it pass you by.

Far too often we called ourselves coaching others through this game called life and not taking advantage of all our opportunities. The world puts enough limitations on things don’t do that to yourself no one said you can’t have two titles and wear them at the same time.

If you like helping people then follow your passion no one said you can’t be a player also and if someone did stop listening to them and follow your heart don’t let anyone leads you down a dead-end road follow your own path and go with your heart get in the game.

In life are you a participant or a spectator you can’t hit the game winning shot if you’re sitting on the bench?

Good morning everyone happy Monday. Stay motivated be positive and have a blessed day.­čî×



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Too much to endure

Sometimes we sabotage ourselves with negative energy making the road of life more difficult than it has to be. We dwell too much on negative thoughts instead of finding the silver lining or lesson in the situation.

What we let govern our thoughts has dominion over us and if negativity is the driving force there’s no room for happiness because it’s impossible to serve two masters at the same time.

Until you come to grips on with which path you will choose to travel negative or positive your mind will be a constant battlefield and depending on the decision that you make there could be a significant amount of casualties.

Pain is only supposed to be temporary but sometimes we give its squatter rights to our mind our emotions and our life. The pain that we receive from others can sometimes be numbing but the pain that we inflict on ourselves can be too much to endure.

It all starts with the choices that we make today I choose to be positive and happy. What will your choice be?


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Change is hard


You said you more out of life how far are you willing to go? Many say they want a better life but only a select few are willing to put in the work and commitment to get that done.

Change is hard for some people they may start off making an conscious effort towards that goal but once they see that not a popular choice amongst the masses and usually revert back to their old ways trying to fit in and go with what feels familiar and comfortable to them.

But you can’t reach your true and full potential trying to fit into someone else’s belief on how you should live your life you have tried that before and how has that  worked out for you so far. This is the right time to totally committed to  yourself for a better you and a better life everything starting with your mindset and a new found perspectives on life. .

You can’t go to the next level in life  with the same thoughts from the past it time to bury old habits and ideas. Change is hard but necessary for growth in life and once you start you will leave some people behind but that’s a part of life and everyone is not meant to go with you on your journey.

Everyone will not be supportive of the new you some will not fully understand the sudden change while others will feel uncomfortable but your path is not for their comprehension it’s for the betterment of you and some time to stand strong you have to stand alone but it worth it in the end as you move forward towards a happier and better life. When things change inside you things change around you.



People with integrity have good character believe in being honest have strong moral values and principle conduct them self in a ethical manner and above all else believe in doing things the right way. Integrity is a quality that is lacking in a lot of people today.


#The only person that you can control in life is yourself #outofcontrol #realtalkwithmatty

This quote is so true people who try to control every aspect of life and other people really don’t have control of their own lives. The only thing that you have control over in life is yourself.