Take a step back

Good morning to all.

Why do we make things harder than they have to be quick to over-analyze situations and worry ourselves over things that are out of our control?

Sometimes you have to relax take a step back and look at things from a different perspective and know that whatever you’re going through have faith that God will see you through.

A temporary moment

Pain is a part of life and no matter how hard you try to avoid the grief it is inevitable. The suffering that we go through is only supposed to be a temporary moment not turn into a life sentence of misery for the rest of our lives.

A case of amnesia

People will do you wrong attack your character then cast you aside like an old newspaper once their finish with you.

Only to try to return later as if they have a case of amnesia acting like nothing has ever happened when they need your help. People will try you if you let them and whatever you’re trying to sell I’m not buying.

Now you might have amnesia but for me, once you do me wrong we are past the point of no return and  if you can’t recall what happened or you have the a case of selective memory don’t worry I’ll remember for the both of us.

People will try you if you let them and whatever you’re trying to sell I’m not buying you can’t mistreat people and do them wrong then expect them to be there for you at your beckon call once you burn that bridge you can never cross it again.

Who you are dealing with

Sometimes you can’t get the full picture from words when you’re dealing with people but their actions will always speak volumes of who you’re dealing with.

There will be a time when people try to manipulate you play on your emotions and guilt you into doing what they want you to do but as soon as you ignore their request their true character will reveal themselves all you have to do is just wait and see who you are dealing with. Words can be deceptive but the actions of people will always speak the truth.