Raising kids is a job in it self. Being a good parent take a lot of caring understanding time pray and patience when dealing with children. As the parent our job is to provide for our kids protect them and in still morals values in their every day lives. We also as parents supposed to nurture our children guide them so that one day they will be able to take care of their own self long after we are gone.

In life no one has all the answers when it comes to raising kids you learn as you go or some might say baptism by fire.  As parents we do have an obligation to be there for them and teach nurture motivate and guide them in life to become good responsible adults. We first as parents must make sure that we are giving our children the right advice to help them become honest responsible citizens able to manage their own life.  You can’t expect a plant to grow if you’re using dirty toxic water and no food or sunlight and think that the plant is going to be health.  We must lead by example our words and actions. Always teach from a happy place and with love. Never from an angry spot or a toxic mind-set.  We should live by the same words and motto that we are trying to teach them.


Just like with plants you have to care for them daily with fresh clean water plenty of  sun light and food and a lot of talking to help the plant grow healthy. The same can be said about kids the more you instill morals values respect and kindness for their self as well as other people.  As parent you are trying raise and teach your children how to survive with the sole purpose to be able to take care of them self with the hope that maybe one day they will be able to raise and nurture their own children some day.


# Justice & Equality

This is a blog I wrote 2 years ago.#TBT

Justice and equality in America today’s is nonexistent for minority.  You will have a better chance finding a unicorn or big foot before you find Justice and Equality in  today society.  Let’s be totally honest it’s always been that way for poor people becoming victims or casualties to a corrupt justice system designed to put many innocent people away in prison for profit and cheap labor. If your PRIVILEGE like George Zimmerman or Donald Trump you can get away with damn near anything including murder and rape.  But for minority you get in some type of trouble let’s say four grams of marijuana and it your first time offence this may land you in federal prison doing fifteen years thanks to Bill Clinton while someone white in the same predicament as you get off scot-free no jail time were is the justice in that.

A prime example of injustice in America and no equality is Flint Michigan were the rich keep getting richer the poor remains the same still getting treated like second class citizens in their own country. Look how Flint dealt with the water crisis were over 6000-12,000 kids have been exposed to lead and everybody in Michigan political arena from the city to the state are pointing finger at one another for the problem with the water but no one has yet to fix the problem. What should land some people in big trouble for this inhumane act and gross negligence of the whole Flint water crisis someone should be in jail for this crime.  In all actuality all that are involved in this heinous crime will probably get a slap on the wrist and no jail time where is the justice in this. would this happen in If this was Orange county Florida would this have happen I don’t think so because it was Flint Michigan were poor people live no one seem to have a problem with that. My question is does this sounds like equality in America to you. For me I don’t see no justice or equality in America today just racism classism discrimination and four hundred years of pain.


# Is Baltimore the nation’s most dangerous city

Baltimore A.K.A Charm City

An article came out a couple of weeks ago from USA Today name Baltimore the most dangerous city in the nation. Now this is not the Baltimore that I remember growing up.   I remember Saturday mornings people  washing down their stairs and sidewalks. The whole family cleaning their homes and yards showing pride in their neighborhood.  Kid’s having fun running through water from the fire hydrant or playing ball until their parents calling them in for dinner.

 All malls were closed on Sunday.  Back then there was the Blue Law that kept malls closed on Sundays so Sundays was family time.  Cookout playing ball Sunday dinners family activities picnics at Druid Hill Park eating crabs drinking Natty Boh beer watching Orioles and Colts games at 33rd Street Memorial Stadium and the city fair that’s the Charm City I grew up in.  Some of my fondest recollections were taking rides with my dad on Super Sunday where you can ride all day for 75-cents that how I learned how to get around the city.


A city in crisis

Now fast forward to 2017 where Baltimore homicide rate was higher than it ever been 343 murders. You also have to mention the corrupt cops who falsify evidence sending innocent individuals to jail and ruining people’s lives.

The prison system has become a big businesses in America today and the majority of people in prison are minorities. Only in America can you have an establishment that was built for housing criminals turned into a lucrative business using cheap labor for profit.

People outside of Baltimore given their opinion about the Freddie gray incident many of them saying if Freddie gray was innocent why would he run. Many of them failing to realize how corrupt the Baltimore police department really is. When you  come face to face with the devil are you going to stand there smiling at him or are you going to get the hell away from him as soon as possible. This is what minorities deal with every day in Baltimore.

Baltimore has become a violent city  brought down by drugs poverty the lack of good jobs in the city. Throw into the mix corrupt politicians an unfair justice system to go along with a grossly miss manage school system add a failing subway system with a high murder rate and this makes Baltimore a Far Cry from its nickname Charm City.

Who’s to blame

Who’s to blame for Baltimore being the way it is today I think everyone has a part in it from politicians to the justice system and citizens as well. Baltimore problem didn’t happen overnight it’s been a long process of corruption mismanagement of money bad cops and blatant lies.

Where is all the money from the casinos and the Maryland State Lottery that was supposed to help Baltimore city schools system somebody should be sitting under the jail right now for that lie.  Each and every time something goes wrong in Baltimore we should be right there in front of city hall protesting and having your voices heard waiting for an answer but for some that seems like a daunting task. To change Baltimore image it starts with us  we just can’t afford to play the victim anymore not when our children’s futures depend on it.



Are you depressed

Why do people get high. Some do it for enjoyment to relaxation or even to celebration an event or a moment but in today’s society it’s how some people cope with life trying to run away or forget their troubles.

We all have our own ways of dealing with problems whether it’s alcohol weed beer or wine you sometimes have to shut yourself down for a while and reboot your mine to get a fresh perspective on a life. But for some the purpose is to get away from your problems for the moment not turn up missing Without a Trace.  Just like anything else if you over indulge it can become habit-forming and lead to trouble.

A lot of people get high to avoid every day life but when your under the influence all the time your decision-making maybe cloudy and questionable you’re not thinking with a sound mind and judgement.  A lot of bad decisions come while under the influence they think their can control it but the substance is the one in controls. Substance abuse and depression usually go hand in hand in today’s society it is a real issue.  Some signs of depression  are feeling sad angry irritable frustration insomnia and loss of appetite.

Trying to get someone to admit they may be depressed that’s easier said than done.  It hard for people to take ownership for their actions it’s more easy to blame something or someone else. It’s never their fault it’s their parents spouse partner Pastor Mike and the Easter bunny everybody but them. With any type of problem you first have to admit it to yourself then be willing to work on the problem whether it’s spiritual self-evaluation or seeking professional help.

Your first priority should always be you. But in life people don’t always do what’s best for them. If you’re not willing to help yourself  your problems will always be there.  But one thing  I know for certain is alcohol weed and pills can’t help you solve the problem it can only make matters worse.

# Patriotism and the Flag code

To be patriotic or not to be…..

Now this is the question that most Americans are asking now days. It seems that people true colors are coming out with all the hot debates about patriotism and kneeling during the national anthem and what some people consider disrespecting the flag. Now the question of patriotism and the flag is a Heated topic. I was hoping to get Ray Lewis input on the situation but Ray Lewis’s is tired from trying to playing both sides of the fence poor little Ray Ray bless his asthmatic heart.


Deceptions and lies…

Now the so-called patriotic people was upset at Colin Kaepernick and other NFL players for kneeling during the national anthem. According to them disrespecting the flag and the military  now I don’t agree with them but it is their first amendment right freedom of speech to disagree. Everyone has their own opinion and point of view on the matter. I understand that you think that kneeling is disrespectful in your eyes. And being the all American patriotic person that you are would never disrespect the flag. Would you?


The Flag code…..

I ran across an article that I know the Patriotic People would love to hear about the U.S. flag code. Let’s begin with the flag code United States code title 4 chapter 1 section letter D the flag should never be used as wearing the parole bedding or drapery this would be considered disrespecting the flag. (hmm) That’s interesting I’ll get back to that later. Letter I of the flag code. The flag should never be used for advertising purpose in any manner whatsoever it should not be embroidered on such articles as cushions, handkerchiefs, printed or paper napkins, plates, and boxes this is also shown as a sign of disrespect. But surely every warm-blooded patriots would know this (right).



America the Hypocritical

White America has approach this patriotism conversation with the attitude of do as I say not what I do. Now according to the masses it’s un-American to kneel during the national anthem but White America has no problem putting the flag on beer cans clothing items bedding paper plates napkins etc for-profit.

Like I stated earlier in the flag code chapter 1 letter I the flag should not be used in any type of advertisement purpose at all but yet White America does this everyday for profit. Now this is considered disrespecting the flag so how patriotic are you really. To have a strong conviction about a matter only to turn around and do the very same thing that you have condemn a person for is very hypocritical.


Honesty is the best policy…

White Americans what are you really mad about. Is it really about the flag the same flag that white American people disrespect every day. Remember the Flag should not be used for any type of advertisement flag bikinis, flags on beer cans, flags on NFL helmets, major league baseball caps, NBA Jersey and bank logos. But yet product are made and sold for profit every day so who’s really disrespecting the flag America.