#Mature and raising kids


Time to grow up

Having a kid should be a memorable and joyful time. It also should be a wake-up call for you it’s not all about you any more you have a little life that you are now responsible for its time to grow-up and be mature. Caring for children don’t come with an instruction manual or batteries included.

No one has all the answers when it comes to raising children you pretty much learning on the job as you go or some might say baptism by fire. When I had my first child I learned that lesson quite quick it was no longer all about me I had to grow up. Instead it became all about the baby being a responsible parent that’s what you supposed to do. If you trying to teach someone you should lead by example.

What are you teaching them

As responsible parents it’s…

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# Forsaking all others


Relationship invasion

When did people marriages become a public discussions or a town hall meeting. Why are so many people in marriages are inviting guests into their relationships or what I like to call unwanted outside Consultants.

Theirs nothing wrong seeking advice from a true friend we all need help from time to time.  A true friend will have your best interest at heart not choosing sides in the matter.  Just giving their honest opinion straight no chaser even if that means checking you sometimes.

Now so-called friends are totally opposite they don’t come with an objective opinion about your relationship or situation they are strictly bias ready to cause mayhem and havoc to your relationship and before you know it you have a relationship invasion on your hands.

Give them an inch they will take a yard

There’s an old saying you wouldn’t invite the fox into the hen-house…

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Papa John’s founder John Schnatter apologizes for using racial slur – CBS News


Donald Trump is bringing out all the races.SMH and some of y’all are still eating his pizza. Racist Pizza racist ingredients racist John.

#Racist John #Realtalkwithmatty # Papa John’s#Stay woke

Video: Man harasses woman for wearing a Puerto Rico shirt, says it’s ‘un-American’


Why is it alway a man harassing a woman you never see a man harassing another man I’m just saying. Punks