I gave it my all

If you’re in a relationship that’s just not working and you feel like you had enough don’t feel bad when you walk away from a one-sided relationship. If your partner is pushing you away and is unwilling to work out the problems that going on what else can you do but leave.

If you know that you gave it your all in the relationship there no reason to feel embarrass a shame or upset about it. The relationship can only work if both parties are willing to work towards the same common goal of staying together and fight for there love.

If your partner is not willing to fight for the relationship then maybe it’s best that the two of you separate. Why keep putting yourself through the mental anguish reminiscing of what used to be. You have to be honest with yourself and see it for what it is today not how it used to be.

Breaking up is never easy but for your own peace of mind it might be necessary. There’s no need to be in a one-sided relationship that detrimental to your physical health and mental well being the best thing you can do is end it and just walk away.

If you know that you gave 100% in the relationship and it didn’t work out then it wasn’t meant to be. You can walk away with no regrets knowing that you gave it your all remember your happiness should always come first.


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