Trust the Process

Is easy for someone to judge when they are sitting on the sidelines doing nothing just watching your every move. As you work towards achieving your goals you will make mistakes along the way it’s part of growth. Just remember no matter how slow the progress is appreciate the journey and trust the process it will pay off.


Happy birthday Jackie Roosevelt Robinson

Happy 100th birthday to Jackie Robinson the great icon became the first African American baseball player to break the Major league baseball color line when he made his major league debut with the Brooklyn dodgers April 15th 1947.

Jackie Robinson withstood many obstacles in his way including racism and bigotry through it all he stood for what he believed in and on this day I salute 42 Jackie Roosevelt Robison for his heroism and bravery. #Jackie Roosevelt Robison#happy100th birthday#Realtalkwithmatty#wordpress#baltimoreblogger

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The great Plato. #Realtalkwithmatty#Plato#baltimoreblogger#featureoftheweek


We as human beings will find away to talk ourselves out of doing something. When it comes to trying new things and committing to it we already have our disclaimer on hand quick to give 100 reason why we can’t do something.

Fear is the biggest reason why people never chase their dreams afraid of failing and fear of the unknown will hold you back every time. You can do anything that you want to but it starts with you. You have to be your biggest supporter their an inner strength that you need to tap into. You have to see it first before you can get others to believe it.

Stop saying what you can do and start believing that you can achieve. When you’re chasing your dreams there will be doubter but don’t let the enemy within be the biggest one. Words are powerful don’t let others stop you from fulfilling your dreams If you can see it you can achieve it.

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Good morning

In a world filled with negativity stay happy don’t let no one steal your joy. You might be surrounded by dark clouds just remember to stay positive and be that ray of sunshine that brightens up the room.

Good morning from Baltimore on this very cold Thursday morning. Stay warm everyone and enjoy your day. #goodmorning#wordpress#baltimoreblogger#realtalkwithmatty

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Awesome. #art#Realtalkwithmatty#mix media collage art#baltimoreblogger

A Growth mindset

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The one and only Plato. #Feature of the week


When you want peace in your life you have to get rid of all the unwanted negative engry surrounding you and sometimes that means people that you have known for years as well.

You might have to reexamine your relationship with some people that includes partners family co-workers and friends now it might seem a little harsh but for your own sanity and peace of mind it’s worth it.

Your happiness should always come first before anyone elses and if they don’t understand that it’s time for them to hit the road. Life becomes more easier when you delete the negativity people from your life and you embrace the positivity energy.

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Good morning

We all have faced challenges in our life it is important to remember that there’s no need to stress over things that you can’t do anyting about. We can only control the thing that are in our hands.

Good morning people I wish you a happy Wednesday and I hope you enjoy the rest of day stay warm. #baltimoreblogger#baltimore#Realtalkwithmatty

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Exquisite mix media collage art. #Art of the week


When you fail it a life lessons that you learn. And from what you have learn you get valuable experience and knowledge that will help you grow.

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The great philosopher Plato. # Feature of the week


The best way to learn about someone is to listen to their words and see do they live by them and do the words they speak matches their actions. Follow these rules you won’t be fooled.

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Good morning

I’m not in competition with no one. I’m staying in My own Lane running my own race and all I see in front of me is the road ahead I’m not trying to be the next anyone I’m trying to be the first me. Remember you can’t live your life through another man’s eyes focus on you and stay on your path.

Good morning people. Life has it’s good and bad moments it’s ups and downs focus on the good and leave the negative behind enjoy the rest your day people and have a great Tuesday.

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Growth mindset

There’s are two mindset fixed and growth. A fixed mindset or closed mindset will ignore advise feel threatened by others gives up easily and we’ll find a way to avoid all challenges and problems that comes their way.

A person with a growth mindset or open mindset welcome criticism and learns from it. Accept all challenges willing to learn from others and is inspired by their success. Keep going even when things get difficult.

My question to you is which of the two mindsets best describes you?

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Wise words from Plato. #Realtalkwithmatty feature of the week

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Good morning

It’s Monday morning people the beginning of a new week time for new ideas new adventures and a new mindset. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but looking for different results.

It’s time to change your mindset a positive mindset brings positive energy positive thoughts positive ideas and a happier life.

Good morning everybody how are you on this beautiful Monday morning I hope that you have a positive and great day. It’s motivation Monday I’m motivated are you.

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Fly Mix media collage art


Once your mindset changes your whole perspective changes you have a better understanding of life and what’s important to you and what not. #growth

Feature of the week

Wise words from the Greek philosopher Plato. #feature of the week

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