# United we stand divided we will fall

The Enemy Within

With countless murders of unarmed Black people still happening all across america and no one is being held accountable for these heinous and senseless crimes. This is the time that black people should be united but we’re more divided than ever.

Why do we as people always seem to attack devalue or discredit another black person views character and heart. Is it because we are conditioned to think this way from years and years of oppression.

We have no problem tearing down one another and our races just for kicks it seems sometimes. But when it comes to another’s race we won’t make any enquiries into their motive intentions or integrity we just accept whatever is given to us no questions asked. Why is that?

Slave mentality

Is it because we can’t see ourselves as the boss and in charge or are we just scared precondition to think that we are just field hands working the crop. Have we stopped having hope and believing in ourself as a people. United we have so much power as a people but yet we choose to be quiet and suffer in silence there’s an old adage closed mouths don’t get fed. Maybe we think that this is the hand that was dealt to us but to think that would be foolish.

We have seen the LGBT community on numerous occasions stop supporting different companies in a heartbeat if they feel like that they have been discriminated or mistreated and for those actions they have my utmost respect. Don’t talk about it be about it. If you don’t like something change it actions speaks louder than words money talks and bullshit walks.

For us to grow and be united as a people we first must be on the same page to move forward as a race, hell it seem to be hard for us to give a warm greeting to one another without an attitude. But we will treat the oppressor like an old friend or a long-lost relative welcoming them with open arms.

For some people when it comes to your own race you will question everything from where they got it from to how much it cost who do you think you are trying to do this. But when it comes to the oppressor you just take their word as the gospel no questions asked. I guess for some people their role is to play the crab ready to pull you back down in the barrel with their slave mentality.

Change your mind-set

The definition of insanity keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. You can’t expect White America to take you serious if you don’t take your Self Serious First. We complain about racism then turn around and support the very people who try to oppress us now that’s an oxymoron I guess next week will be sending donations to the Ku Klux Klan some of us already support to F.O.P. ( Fraternal Order of Police)

As I stated earlier the definition of insanity is keep doing the same thing but expecting different results we have tried praying forgiveness riots marching peaceful protest but yet things are no better than they was 30 years ago if anything it’s much worse.

Sometimes you have to change your mindset and the way we handling things. The only thing they comprehend is when you take money out their pocket and food off they table. We as Black people need to be our own hero’s and stop looking for help from outside of our neighborhoods that’s not coming and start helping ourself. Everything starts with us the way we view problems and situations the way we handle money the way we spend our money. Change your mindset.

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