#Baltimore City town hall meeting.

#BCPSS Town Hall Meeting

A Better understanding

Last night I attended the Baltimore City Town Hall it was quite interesting to say the least.  I learned a lot of things one of the things that I learned is Baltimore city is grossly underfunded compared to the other counties in Maryland.

I also learned that the media and Governor Hogan are liars and don’t care about Baltimore city pubic schools.  They speak about the governor giving money to Baltimore city schools to help what they don’t tell you is that the money spread over a three years period sometimes a four-year period instead of one lump sum of the money.

So when it’s comes to projects they can’t be completed by contractors until they receive a full payment and by the time they received all the money from the state the original price has gone up making their original agreement null and void that’s why the city send the money back to the state that’s the part the medial and Governor Larry Hogan conveniently left out they made it seem like Baltimore city schools didn’t want the help.


We as parents can’t keep thinking that these elected officials are going to do the right thing. We have to hold them accountable as well as our self.   This happened too often in Baltimore City we can’t keep playing the blame game while we watch a crime happen and doing nothing about it especially when our children are involved.

There’s an old saying it takes a village to raise a kid well it takes a community to make sure that politicians are held accountable for their actions if we don’t look out for our kids and fight for them who will.

No child should have to sit in the classroom wearing coats hats and gloves trying to learn because the school has no heat or having to deal with outdated textbooks and adequate learning materials this is not acceptable.

That’s why I took my 11-year-old with me last night to give her first-hand experience how politics work and to show her sometimes in this world you have to fight for what you believe in.  If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything and that’s real talk.


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