# I don’t want no damn banana cream pie. I’m on a diet


Banana cream pie…..

One of my most popular blogs was banana cream pie where I discuss being in a relationship with an immature person who is unwilling to grow up plays games and is hurting but won’t help their self or seek help from others. You thought you found the person of your dreams only to wake up in a living nightmare.

This is how it feels when you’re in a dealing with a banana cream pie person who won’t take ownership for their actions and will try to blame you for their probably.

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Check yourself before you wreck yourself……

I want to talk to the fellas on this one. The good guys the straight-8 you know the responsible ones that do the right thing in a relationship but . Sometimes in life we try to play the saver and rescue people. I don’t know if it’s an act of heroics or a built-in mechanism inside of men that always want to save the day .

when in reality the only person that needs to be rescue is us. Because you’re carrying yourself in a responsibility and adult manner you expect your partner to do the same but when they don’t what are going to do.

You can’t help someone who doesn’t want your help you can only be responsible for yourself and your actions not for what someone else say or does.  Sometimes as men we call our self being a team players or not trying to make any waves so we go along just to get along hoping for change but in the end still getting the same results the lies the cheating the disrespect you don’t have to deal with.

Have you asked yourself this question over and over again (424 times) why does she always lie to me, why is she not listening or why does she keep disrespecting me. Well the answer is simple because you keep put up with the bull crap and they know it. Besides it says it in the banana cream pie handbook chapter 11 page 117.


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The banana cream pie diet…..

The first thing to do when you start the banana cream diet is to have a real talk moment with yourself and take accountability for your part in your situation people can only do what you allow them to get away with.

Next cut back on the immature, disrespect, lying, deception, angry mode-swings also watch your drama intake.  Follow these instructions and you well on your way to a happy and successful life using my banana cream pie diet.  Watch those unwanted dreadful drama-filled pound just melt away in no time AND REMEMBER JUST SAY NO TO BANANA CREAM PIE. (call now operators are standing by to take your order.)


Take ownership

We are the masters of our own universe  and no ones happiness should come be for your own.

You can’t complain about how someone is mistreat you lying, disrespecting, cheating  when your right there with front row seat and you do nothing to change your situation you allow it to happen therefore it will continue.

Some people create their own storms, then gets upset when it rains that’s what they do but it doesn’t mean that you had to go along with the program your happiness is important as well.

When you’re in a relationship you both suppose to be on the same page communication, respect, loyalty should be the very fabric of your relationship if it’s not A House Divided is a house that surely will fall.   

I’m on a damn diet and I don’t want no banana cream pie.