#First Amendment rights

Well well it seem that American is in an uproar about athletes taking a knee and protesting. Some calming that it’s not patriotic and is disrespectful to the veterans and to America.

How the First Amendment says you have the right to freedom of speech whether you agree with them or disagree people still have the right of choice.

American Isn’t that one of the reasons that your  four father’s left merry old England because they felt like it was a dictatorship and not a democracy over there.

America you are a hypocrite the very fabric that this country was built on is the same thing that you’re trying to deny people today their First Amendment rights.

Colin Kaepernick made his intentions clear last year when he said I am not going to standing up and show pride in a flag for a country that oppress black people and people of color…. there’s bodies on the streets and people are getting paid leave and getting away with murder. But somehow this has turned to he’s not patriotic he’s a Muslim terrorist everything and anything except the issues at hand.

And now The Apprentice had given his two cents but how can you really listen to him a draft Dodger and he’s the same man who called John McCain a coward for being captured in the war.   But yet people listen to him and following him I wouldn’t follow him to the Westminster Dog Show.  People are in a Uproar selling season tickets burning jerseys and that’s your right that’s your First Amendment right to do that especially your paid for it just like other people have the right to take a knee and protest.

This is not about being a Patriot this is about blacks and minorities women men children sisters brother’s cousins and parents  being killed by police with no accountability at all.

The first amendment is such a beautiful thing.  #Now that’s real talk.