# What’s up with you

I got a notification from my blog the other day. I’m thinking that it was a comment a new subscriber or maybe a like to the blog. But that wasn’t the case.

It was a personal message from someone I went to high school with. He started the message by telling me how he still get women and how everyone is jealous of him then 2 seconds later the turn around and said o yeah I heard you doing your little thing with your blog.(SMH bless his heart)

Now this particular individual always kept drama going with him and by the tone of the text it seem like things haven’t changed over the years.

Now at first I didn’t know how to respond to this message. But with age comes wisdom and sometimes you have to ignore people and let them be who they are. So you wanted to know what I’ve been up to player since the last time I saw you.

This year started off with a bang I was part of the negotiation team for a new contract on my job and we were successful one of the best contracts in quite some time. I really enjoyed the experience this time around the first time was back in 2001 and it was very stressful. I believe life is the best teachers if you come with an open heart mindset and the willingness to listen and learn.

A new NFL season is upon us but I decided to take the NFL Blackout Challenge. We as people can’t keep on complain about nobody helping us and we are not helping ourselves.

Then turn around and support their causes when they don’t give a damn about ours. Colin Kaepernick said he was protesting against police brutality towards the minority community so I’m standing with kap.

Am I My Brother’s Keeper. Yes I am in these day and time we need more shepherds we got plenty of sheep already.

I’m still down for the cause like I just left Washington DC and it October 16 1995.

Working on a new project trying to figure out a way to bring good energy to a city that’s hurting and show it in a positive light instead of the darkness that you see on TV.

Like Baltimore rapper Tana said I’m just trying to give them hope. The wife is fine and gorgeous as ever my kids are grown and doing well I’m well life is great. School just started up so it’s straight home to help mike mike with her homework.

Still keeping tabs on the older ones Marcus Marcia and Courtney. I get to see them every once in a while just trying to stay involved and connected in their lives. All of them can be stubborn from time to time like their pops but what can I say their all my baby’s so daddy has to keep an eye out for them.

As for me I learned a long time ago that people will try to discredit you or belittle what you’re doing when in fact all they doing is hating from the sidelines and watching your every move so I stay humble and quiet. I staying busy with work wife kids business still maintaining time for myself and family.

I’m still at JHU fighting the good fight I’m about to introduce to the world Alton Jones coming to Realtalkwithmatty blog near you so stay tuned. This is what I’ve been up to. What have you been up to player?