# Who you really are

Who you are?   Now that should be a question that everybody should  be able to answer right?   Who you are is defined by your words your actions how you treat people the way that we were raised and the way that we were taught and the lessening that we learned.


Have you every meet  a person  for the first time  and they told you they was a bad person of course not people will sell you a fantasy if you buy into it.   But to really learn a person or to understand someone you have to watch and listing to their words actions heart soul and  mindset to get a full  insight into the type of person they really are.


How you were raised has a lot to do with how you think today and  the way you view certain situations or people in life.  The way that you were taught and the lessons that you learned (or not) your environment  and the people who surrounded you this is the very fabric of oneself and the  person that you are today.


We as people are quick to say that we know somebody (I have known so and so for over 20 years) but unless you have kept in constant contact with this person and y’all have been honest with each other over that period of time 20 years is still a long time and in those 20 years you don’t know how much growth  that person have had over the years.    People mindset changes people  perspectives changes over time every individual is different and has a different mindset the real question now is who is the person that you are talking to today.

If someone walks up to you and ask you who you really are this is one question that shouldn’t be a mystery or some type of enigma.  This is one question that you should be able to answer at any time or at any given moment and answer it honestly but we know with some people honesty is not the best policy.

We can pretend deceive lie but the real person always come to the surface eventually their true representative will make a guest appearance no matter how much they fake the funk what lies you tell in the dark the truth shall come to light.

From politicians who claim they are for the people and the community but really in it for their self and they own personal gains to the so-called religious and sanctified people who really do more judging and criticizing of people then they actually do praying consoling and has mercy for the people.   Good person always shows who they really are by their kind words and their unselfish acts who you really are will always come to the surface like creamier once you poured it in coffee.  No matter how many lies you tell or false images you try to create for your self who you really are will always show up eventually.