# The unsung heroes 

I was at work the other day and me and my Co-works was talking about our kids each one of us sharing our own fun story’s about the kids.

Pat was showing a video of his daughter eating lemons for the first time, pat was laughing so hard at the faces that she had made, standing there grinning like a proud dad living and loving the moment, and then there Mr. Gordy ( a.k.a cheesey bread )  talking about how his son and daughter are growing up so fast and talking about making plans for their future, as they were talking I was laughing inside I could see the joy on their faces as they tell stories about their kids now for me these types of conversations are normal with us but if you listen to society hogwash father are extinct as the dinosaur, after they were done talking the first thing I said to them was to cherish every moment.

Now if you listen to society and their stats talking about single black women raising their kids by their self the number are alarming.  According to the stats over 80% of black women take care of their children by their self with no type of help from the fathers.  That stats alone will have some people scratching their head but who’s to say how accurate they are . 


 There are different reason why some  father’s are not in their kids lives from the deadbeat dad, to the father’s that want to spend time with their child and be part of their lives but can’t for all the wrong reason.   Sometimes in life there is consequence, for every action there a reaction ( good or bad) and with every coin theirs always two sides of the coin and there are some women who use their kids like  chess piece’s for their own personal gain or maybe selfish reasons.

But right now I want to talk about the dads that spend time with their kids the father’s that instill values, teaches responsibility morals and respect while spending quality time with their kids.

One of my favor blog is I love my walk home I talk about how I didn’t spend as much time with my older children as I would have like to  but one thing I’ve learned over the years is to enjoy every moment and I did, however limited the time may be, any type of time is always good when use wisely.   When it comes to people attitudes and emotions take over in the ties can turn quickly what started off as calm  beautiful Waters today can turn into tomorrows dark gleaming typhoon in a matter of seconds.

So with each and every time that you spend with your child it a moment in time  for you and your kid to laugh learn grow teach listen bond together but most of all create memories that no one can take away.

In a society were they seem to preach and teach separatism between men and women I just want to acknowledge the biological father’s stepfather’s and father’s figures and  that make an effort to be in their kids life the men that’s their at school functions ball games, ballet and cheerleading competitions to help with homework, be there when your kid is sick and there just to talk and listing or maybe give a helping hand I salute you The unsung hero.