# Who will save us?







As officer Caesar R.Goodson Jr trail has ended and he has been  acquitted of all charges in thee death of Freddie Gray, people are  wonder what do we have to do to get justice, are we a citizen that care more about a gorilla life  more than a human life.

As people hurt and confuse from last year riots still looking for justice, still hoping for  answers and looking around for help from local and state government athletes, actor and actress and  wondering Who will save us, that is the Million dollar question. We  definitely can”t expect the police to save us, where is the Governor he has been quite must be busy making sure the rich stay rich, and were is Reverend Al Sharpton hmm I’m going to leave that one alone so we are right back to the burning question Who will save us, WE WILL . It have to start with every single individuals in every households in every neighborhood  in every community in every state.


We can’t  expect someone to help us if we aren’t fighting for our self, a small percentage will fight for what they believe in while the masses wait to see what happens.  It time for everyone to come and join the party  it’s at club Justice & Equality  everyone free before 11p.m .  This county has never took  Minority & Poor people seriously because we have not require them to . To achieve that goal to be taking seriously we must first take our self seriously we have to change mind-body & sprint  we have to change the way we think we have to change our thought pattern . I understand the frustration of all the senseless kill that has gone on and all the unjust but destroying property and tearing down our own neighborhoods is not the way to go, but if you want to send a message  start hurting there pockets they will get the message loud & clear.




We don’t know the power that  we have, we are consumer and consumer spend money a whole lot of money , A WHOLE LOT OF MONEY Let put it in this perspective  I know a guy that buy  a pair of  Air Jordans once a month let say  the price average $ 150 per month

So let say $ 150 x 12 months = $1800,  okay  $ 1800 for one person now lets add 1000 people to  the scenario $ 1800 x 1000 people= 1,800,000 hmm now let see about 2 million people $ 1800 x  $ 2,000,000 = $ 3,600,000,000 WE REALLY DON’T KNOW THE POWER WE HAVE.


Imagine this, if you were a big company like Nike and in one month you lose $ 3,600,000,000,   O Boy  you  will have someone attention. If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything , know your worth. We can look to the sky waiting for Ironman to save the day , but Tony Starks is busy with his own civil war, so it is up to us to fight for better wages, better jobs, better educations ,and better schools, this is a call for action for everyone.  You can’t complain about who ‘s in the white house if you don’t  vote the same can be said for your local mayor ,congress man ,etc. if you don’t vote how can you complain if you are not  even participating  .We have to change the way we do things, the way we think remember we are consumers the same concept works on the local level to if you’re not happy with city government then maybe you need to stop supporting it . Preakness, African-American Heritage Festival, State Fairs, Stone Soul Panic just to name a few.  We all have a personal responsibility to our self,  to our children and  to our community’s


United we stand divided we fall.
























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