# I’m grown

Over the last 2 months I’ve been hearing a lot of Men and Women saying the words I’m grown, what does the word grown means to you, the definition of grown is ( arrived at full growth or maturity adult) for some people that statement is true, when you reach a certain age in your life you are grown, now grown and responsible well for some people that’s a whole different story.

Some of us has had a reckless stage in our life were we would spend money like it was going out of style, buying clothes, jewelry, purses, hell some of us have brought 4 cars and only have 1 driveway the point that I’m trying to make is that this may have been you in your twenties but as you get older you realize the value of money as well as responsibility, that’s true for most of the people, not all.

The one’s I like to call Baby boy  you know the one’s that just seems like they don’t want to grow up and take ownership of their own lives the same ones that seems to blame everyone for their misfortune accept them. I have said before , you are the question and the answer everything starts with you. Life sometimes is HARD, when things get tough are you going to run or are you going to meet the challenge head on.



Being grown is not an easy task, Hell sometimes it sucks but I would not change it for nothing. Being able to go in your own home with no hassles, not worrying about someone saying who ate the last of the Ice cream or why are their dirty dishes in the sink.

When you are truly grown and responsible you can go home to your own place of sanctuary if the dishes are not done who cares it’s your place you do what you damn well please but when you live with someone else in someone else’s home you have to abide by their rules, Grown people also do Grown up things like being responsible and paying their bills. Adults also plans for now as well as the future.


Now when it comes to the mindset of the Baby boy  they don’t think about their future, not interested in talking about retirement, mutual funds, your portfolio, being responsible none of the above they are thinking about the now, their clothes, hair, purse , cars ,video game what ever there preferences is, it nothing wrong with spoiling your self but a responsible adult makes sure there bills are taken care of first before anything else is done that’s what grown men and women do.

A baby boy move is you have 1000 dollars worth of clothes and shoes and jewelry and nothing is in your bank account, that is foolish when your dealing with life anything can happen especially if you have children, what can you say to your child if they tell you they need money for a field trip  or for School pictures but you just spend all your Money on you ,trying to be popular, so everyone can see you.

You know that old saying God takes care fools and Babies it didn’t say anything about idiots . This remind me of a guy I use to work with name Larry.  Larry use to tell me stories about how he had a wild weekend and how he would spend money like crazy buying new clothes, jewelry ,drinks balling out of control.

Only to come to work on Monday and borrow money from people, now I have said before sometimes everyone needs help, but every week borrowing money someone needs a foot in their ass ,that was Larry every Monday looking like a little kid that had lost their favorite toy all sad and hungry   telling me a sad story trying to borrow money, now that may have worked before, but it got old real quick.


I’m not helping no one that’s keep making the same mistake over and over spending all their money and not taken care of their own personal needs like making sure they have money to get back and forth to work or something simple like make sure you have some food to eat or money to feed yourself. You shouldn’t expected someone is going to help you out every time that you  spend  all your money , especially if people have started to see a pattern of bull crap with you. That was Larry all day he would get mad if no one would help him out.  How do you get mad at someone for not giving you their money ,because you spend all your money on the weekend. Now that seems like a Baby boy move to me.

Baby Boy comes in all shape, color, and size, some have money and other are broke, but they all follow the same blueprint self-indulgent, looking for someone to take care of you, cast blame etc.  Let’s look at 2 famous Baby boy Johnny Manziel & Josh Gordon both had  the job that most people dream of, the NFL Cleveland Browns neither will take responsibility for their own actions, and create excuses for their failures, I hope one day both of them will get it together, you know the old saying a fool and his money will soon part that might be true for Josh Gordon that does apply to spoiled silver spoon in the mouth Jonny Manziel

Manziel family is wealthy he doesn’t have to play another down in the NFL, Manziel people  will take care of him. [ Now that’s a Baby boy move]


A Grown person make sure that they save something for a rainy day, not spend all their money then look for someone else to help them out . Your age doesn’t make you grown, being respectful, owning up to their own responsibility,  taken care of their self that makes you grown.  Trying to always get over on people, being Self-indulgent, immature and always looking for someone to take care of them . Well That’s A Baby Boy.