# Not justice for all Part2

And Justice for all part 2, no not the metallica album. This is part 2 of my blog to discuss how the media plays games and their bias view when it comes to certain race and people. In part 1 I talked about Ammon Bundy and the Oregon standoff, and how it had very little to none coverage of the story. On January 26, Mr. Bundy and seven other people including his brother Ryan were arrested Tuesday afternoon in a traffic stop. Ammon Bundy and some of his group had been expected at a community meeting Tuesday night about 70 miles away in John Day Oregon about 100 miles north of the Malheur refuge in Grant County, a county adjacent to Harney, Mr. Bundy was to be the guest speaker they never arrived. (what) I had to read that twice, someone please enlighten me, how can you takeover a federal building with Guns & more Guns, and some how Ammon and seven people left the Wild Life Refuge to be guest speaker, at an even How IN THE HELL can a group of armed thugs leave the scene of a crime, to go and be a guest speaker.


So where was the reporters when they left the building, were was the police, FBI , The National Guard, No mall cops, a boy scout , No one there to keep an eye on them, this is ludicrous and what really makes this special is where are the media, for Ferguson Missouri the reporters was there every day giving a report, a lot of Media.

The same can be said for Baltimore for the Riots, and for Officer, William Porter trail. Every news organizations you can name was there CNN, CNBC, FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC, C-SPAN, but for the Oregon Malheur National Wildlife Refuge conflict nothing, well nothing like the coverage that Baltimore and Ferguson got every day. Okay some people may say I’m exaggerating but ask yourself this, in the pass Six weeks how often have you seen the Oregon standoff on world news, as I speak , even after Ammon Bundy was arrested there are still people occupying the Wild life Refuge.

If that’s not crazy enough Ammon Bundy is giving words of encouragement to the remaining occupying of the Wild Life Refuge, from jail after asking his colleagues to go home last week, Ammon is now asking the authorities to leave. When did criminal start doing talk show from jail (I thought the government don’t negotiations with terrorists)   This is the  stuff I’m talking about  certain people get special treatment while other get Ridicule , let talk about Jared Fogle remember the spokesman for Subway between 2000-2015  Jared was charged with Soliciting sex with a minors and possessing child pornography, On November 19, 2015 was sentenced to 15 years, 8 months in federal prison. Now  nobody  is Boycotting Subway pulling their ads trying to shut them down.


The media seems to play games and try to manipulate people views when it comes to minorities, but in fact if the Media were really trying to be fair to everyone and report the news you would do that with everyone-Not just for certain people. I thought you are innocent until proven guilty, in Bill Cosby cast that not true , this Man has been ridiculous , ostracize and has not been convicted of anything yet, Mr. Cosby has been awarded at least 57 honorary degrees since 1985, and nearly half of those honorary degrees have been rescinded due to allegations of sexually assault and/ or immoral behavior, also his shows has been pulled by Tv land, Bounce, BET, Centric Netflix ,and NBC.

Now they have every right to rescinded their degrees they should also give all the money back that Mr. Cosby has giving over the years, but you know that’s not going to happen. The media had coverage about Bill Cosby running on damn near every show you could name, so why didn’t they do the same for Stephen Weaver Collins. Collins is best known for his role as Eric Camden on the long running TV series 7th Heaven. In October 2014 the New York city police department began investigating Collins after an audio tape was leaked a male voice-purported to be Collins. Collins admitted to past sexual abuse of a minor. In a December 2014 interview with people magazine Collins admitted he had inappropriate sexual conduct with three female minors in 1973, 1982,and 1994, NO CHARGES are going to be filed against Stephen Collins . When I read about Stephen Collins( in Just Chelsea Blog) I couldn’t do anything but shake my head. 7th Heaven is still on television today on the UP station.


For some people the media has empathy and other a dislike, what is the different  between Bill Cosby, and Stephen Collins beside one admit to inappropriate sexual conduct, the other is accuse of it. To me when the media talks about Stephen Collins they speak with compassion, like he made a mistake, a poor torn soul , but when it comes to Bill Cosby the media use words like Sexual Predator , Deviant, Master Mind. If Mr.Cosby is guilty he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent, but let’s go to trial first before you have a witch hunt in the media, Remember Innocent Until Proven Guilty.- FALSE Media We Don’t Need Do We.