#Not justice for all part 1

Happy New years to everyone.  As a new year begins the same old media crap still goes on. As I was watching the news the Oregon wild life refuge conflict came on what caught my attention was that a government building has been taken over. As the reporter talked about it for five and a half minutes then they went to a commercial break after they came back they went to another segment , okay I thought halfway through the show they would go back to the Oregon story they didn’t, ok they will mention it again at the end of the show,(I was wrong) . Now I’m not going to start no conspiracy theories (LOL) well maybe I am when you watch the news local, or world it doesn’t matter the media always paint a different picture when it comes to race. As we go into the third week the media coverage is little to non , just look how the media handle certain situations look at the Oregon wild life refuge standoff. What started out as a protest against the sentencing of Dwight Hammond and his son Steven, two ranchers convicted of arson on federal lands in Oregon, has turn into a community being held hostage by armed gun man.


The leaders of the arena’s Native American Tribal council could relate to their land right dispute but disagree with their gun-toting approach. The armed militant standoff with the U.S government over ranchers land right has bewildered the leader of the tribe. The reservation is not far from the wild life reserve and the tribe has been living off the arid western Oregon mountains long before Europeans arrived to North America.  Charlotte Rodrique spoke about the Oregon standoff, there was never an agreement that we were giving up this land, we were dragged out of here. Rodrique is the chair person of the federally recognized Burns Paiute Tribe.

Chair person Rodrique  expressed grave  concern over news reports that armed militia have access to important cultural resources at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

Armed protestors don”t belong here “said Charlotte Rodrique, they continue to desecrate one of our most sacred site ” she continued, They should be held accountable. The Burns Paiute Tribe’s ancestors signed a treaty with the federal government in 1868. The 1868 treaty was not ratified by the United States Congress, but both parties acted in reliance on the treaty. Under its terms the Government guaranteed it would protect the safety and property of the North Paiute people. The Government also committed to inflict punishment for “any crime or injury that is perpetrated by any white man upon the Indians aforesaid according to the Laws of the United States and the state of Oregon. In addition the federal government has a trust responsibility to the Burns Paiute Tribe to protect Cultural resources on federal lands. Several federal laws protect native cultural properties.

I agree with chairperson Rodrique they don”t belong there , what has me shaking my head is how long is this going to go on. If this had happen in Cedar Mill or West Linn ( 2 of the richer community in Oregon) this ordeal would have been over a long time ago , but I guess since the wildlife reserve is not a top priority. When local reporter talked with  the community some resident called the Armed militia men Terrorists ,(Domestic Terrorists) Why don’t we hear the media in an outrage about this , we actually don’t hear that much about the situation, which has me puzzled.  You have an ongoing standoff with Armed Gun Men who also has taken over a Goverment Building  for more than 3 weeks where are all the cameras, were’s  ABC, CBS, FOX, CNN, NBC .


When the Baltimore Riots  started  and the media begin to  report the situation you hear words like,criminal, thug’s and  purge, when I was watching the Oregon standoff the reporter spoke about the ordeal and they talked with empathy for the men like they were just some misguided soul,Hmmm ( Hold up wait a minutes let me put some Realtalkwithmatty in it) were a the words like Anti-Government militia, Thug’s, Radical’s and  Domestic Terrorists, now the media love playing games, especially one game i like to call the Pound game, that’s when the media like to keep emphasizing one particular subject and keep pounding that particular point.



Lets look at the Mike Brown situations the media want to dwell on the fact that Mike Brown was in the convenience for the robbery, at 18 we all have done some Dum things ,Sometimes Good people do Bad things. I’m not disputing the crime, but when a person has their hand up in the air(Which is  universal sign for I surrender ) Shooting an unarmed Person “I have a problem with. Officer Wilson didn’t fire his weapon to wound Mr. brown ,he fired to Kill. The new things that officer are using is they feared for there lives, my be some of they need to find a new field of work, Don”t get me, wrong being a police officer is a hard job, there Unpaid and it Dangerous as Hell, All police are not bad, But shooting unarmed people is not justified you hear to many story about how police talk to people so disrespectful like they don”t have no regard for life or no empathy for people I’m speaking to the Bad one ( Mike Brown didn’t have a criminal record).



Now I spoke how the media likes playing games, as I mention early how one reporter spoke about the Oregon protesters with empathy where is the conversation about their back ground, let”s start with the apparent leader Ammon Bundy , Ammon is the spokes man for the protester have posted on Facebook once the rancher loggers And miners can use these lands as free men them we will have accomplished, what we came to accomplish, Mr. Bundy said in a video posted  on Facebook, calling federal control Tyranny, Bundy said there not going nowhere, but has not specified what they want. Ammon is the son of Cliven Bundy , Cliven Bundy had a tense standoff with the feds after a land dispute in Nevada, Cliven made some made some controversial remarks about whether black people were better off as slaves, (well that’s a nice family, A family of Gun toting, Racist, Thugs) Also with the protesters is Neil Wampler 68 was found guilty in the Gruesome killing of his father Forey Wampler in 1977, Now that doesn’t sound like a bunch misguided soul to” Me, where is the Pound Game Let’s see what happen with this situation. “False media/ We don”t need it do we.