# Life live it to the fullest

Today’s blog is about life and what does it mean to you .When you talk to people about life and it every day challenges you will get some interesting conversation depending on who you talk to, you will get the good, the bad and the ugly about life. What is the meaning of life, when you look up the definition it tells you life is a philosophical and spiritual conception of the significance of living or existence. Ask yourself this are you a person who is grateful that you woke up this morning , another day to enjoy life smell the flowers, hear the birds sing, or see a beautiful sun set, it’s also another day to live your dream, another day to love enjoy your love ones and live life to the fullest  no one is promise tomorrow, so enjoy life-like it’s your last day on earth, or are you a person who only see the negative in everything, never seem happy with anything or anyone.


I read a post the other day that said the worst person to be around is someone who complains about everything and appreciates nothing , I believe that statement 100%, no matter what you are going through someone is always worst off then you. You can’t complain if your on the side line watching the game instead of participating in the game , YOU are in control of your LIFE weather you do right or wrong ,if you’re a good human being or a bad one it is your choice and it is also your choice to enjoy life or let it pass you by. Every day living has it own pitfalls and challenges, people will have up and down in their life you will have times when life will knock you on your ass, but you have to keep going, keep trying, no one is going to break their neck and help you if you’re not helping yourself first, love yourself and believe in yourself  it starts with you, positive thoughts bring positive results, the five rules to a happier life.

1.Love yourself

2.Do good

3.Always forgive

4.Harm no one

5.Be positive

You only get one shot at life so why not explore new thing, see some beautiful places and meet new people live life to the fullest. Instead of look at pictures of Paris why not make plans to go to Paris, we as people will put stuff on hold putting everything and everyone needs before yours , there nothing wrong with helping people, or planning for your retirement the main thing you have to remember is to enjoy life and live in the now,  I had an older gentleman I would talk to we would talk about everything sports, news, life etc. his nickname was Hollywood one day he started tell me about the love of his life Missy and how they were planning for their wedding. One day Missy asked Hollywood about going away for a couple of weeks to London just to get away before the wedding, Missy away want to go to London, Hollywood told Missy to wait until after the wedding they could go to London , Hollywood said we have plenty of time for that, Hollywood was wrong, 8 months later Missy feel ill  a few months after that Missy pasted away, Hollywood said his whole world came crashing down on him he thought that they had their whole life ahead of them to travel and see all the places that they had talk about, Hollywood said his biggest regret was not taking Missy to London.

Their’s a old saying here today and gone tomorrow, that is so true you  only have one life enjoy it . You can have your head down grinding  planing for your future, only to look up and time has passed you by.