# You are not a special snowflake

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# Life live it to the fullest


Today’s blog is about life and what does it mean to you .When you talk to people about life and it every day challenges you will get some interesting conversation depending on who you talk to, you will get the good, the bad and the ugly about life. What is the meaning of life, when you look up the definition it tells you life is a philosophical and spiritual conception of the significance of living or existence. Ask yourself this are you a person who is grateful that you woke up this morning , another day to enjoy life smell the flowers, hear the birds sing, or see a beautiful sun set, it’s also another day to live your dream, another day to love enjoy your love ones and live life to the fullest  no one is promise tomorrow, so enjoy life-like it’s your last day on earth, or are you a person…

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#Mature and raising kids

Time to grow up

Having a kid should be a memorable and joyful time. It also should be a wake-up call for you it’s not all about you any more you have a little life that you are now responsible for its time to grow-up and be mature. Caring for children don’t come with an instruction manual or batteries included.

No one has all the answers when it comes to raising children you pretty much learning on the job as you go or some might say baptism by fire. When I had my first child I learned that lesson quite quick it was no longer all about me I had to grow up. Instead it became all about the baby being a responsible parent that’s what you supposed to do. If you trying to teach someone you should lead by example.


What are you teaching them

As responsible parents it’s our job to raise children the right way in the hope that one day they become good human beings and responsible parents and adults. Sometimes as adults you have to love, teach, encourage, correct, and discipline your kids when necessary remember you are the parent not their friend.

It’s up to you to nurture your kids like a plants cultivate the soil with morals, Integrity, honor, and values. To water them with knowledge daily and guide them with plenty of sunshine and rays of hope.  You are your child’s first teacher.

Children like to imitate what they see and hear from their parents so you have to be careful what you’re teaching and showing them. If you teach your kids to fish they can learn how to feed their self. When you teach your children honor, values, community, self-worth and how to save money.  That can be a valuable tools to learn create and build their own ideas.

Welcome to adulthood

Most parents want their children to be responsible an able to take care of their self in life. To do better than their parents and surpass them. There’s no better feeling is to know that your children are able and responsible enough to take care of they self in the hopes that one day that they will have their own family to raise.

Using the same values and lessons that you taught them. Being a mature parent my not always a popular choice among kids. but it is necessary like breathing air there’s no guarantees in life.

You could be here today and gone tomorrow as a mature and parent you try to teach your kids about everyday life and how to survive today and live for tomorrow because you know that you won’t always be around.  And giving them the tools and knowledge to take care of them self is vital. No one likes to thing this way but for mature parents it’s a must.  Always remember you’re their parent not their BFF.

# Words


We use words in our every day life to express one’s feeling, to tell a story, make a statement, also to answer a question or  may be asked one, we use words all day everyday, as one of the key ways of communication usually between two or more beings.

Words can be use to express one’s feeling, thoughts, opinions, argument’s or  Ideas.    Words can enlighten some people give them hope, while some words my provide courage and knowledge.

Words can also give you insight into a persons morals, personality , qualities and their heart. People like to talk  a lot but sometimes you really have to listen to the words that people use in their everyday lives.

The best way to learn about someone is to learn from that person their self they will show you how they truly think and feel about life by their actions and by their…

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#Baltimore is the nation’s most dangerous city

Baltimore A.K.A Charm City

An article came out a couple of weeks ago from USA Today name Baltimore the most dangerous city in the nation. Now this is not the Baltimore that I remember growing up.   I remember Saturday mornings people  washing down their stairs and sidewalks. The whole family cleaning their homes and yards showing pride in their neighborhood.  Kid’s having fun running through water from the fire hydrant or playing ball until their parents call them in for dinner. Summer time having great memories like summer camp swimming at liberty elementary pool or wrestling in the front yard with homemade wrestling Belts.

On Sundays all malls were closed.  Back then there was the Blue Law that kept the malls closed on Sundays so Sundays was family time.  Cookout, playing ball, Sunday dinners, family activities, picnics at Dru Hill Park eating crabs Natty Boh beer, watching Orioles and Colts games at 33rd Street Memorial Stadium the city fair that’s the Charm City I grew up with.  Some of my fondest recollections were taking rides with my dad on Super Sunday where you can ride all day for 75-cents that how I learned how to get around the city.

But just like super Sundays are long gone so is that period in time in Baltimore. It’s quite different and much darker times in Charm City. I guess those times left when the colts went to Indianapolis.


A city in crisis

Now fast forward to 2017 where Baltimore homicide rate was higher than it ever been 343 murders. You also have to mention the corrupt and renegade cops who falsify evidence sending innocent individuals to jail and ruining people’s lives.

The prison system has become a lucrative businesses in America today and the majority of people in prison are minorities. Only in America can you have an establishment that was built to house criminals and you have turned this into a profitable business using cheap labor and paying them well below minimum wage.

I remember people outside of Baltimore given their opinion about the Freddie gray incident many of them saying if Freddie gray was innocent why did he run. When you fear for your life and you come face to face with the devil are you going to stand there smiling at him, or are you going to get away from him soon as possible, this is what minorities deal with every day in Baltimore.

Baltimore has become a violent city.   A city brought down by drugs, poverty, the lack of good jobs in the inner city, angry and hurt people with no glimmer of hope for the future add some bad cops put them next to lying corrupt politicians, don’t forget an unfair justice system to go along with a grossly miss managed school system throw-in a failing subway system into the mix and last but not least a high murder rate.  And this makes Baltimore a Far Cry from its nickname Charm City.

Who’s to blame

Who’s to blame for Baltimore being the way it is today I think everyone has a part in it from the politicians to the Justice System and everyday citizens as well.

Baltimore just didn’t change overnight it’s been a long process of corruption mismanagement of money denial and blatant lies. I wrote earlier about corrupt cops but all cops are not corrupt there are some good cops but when you sit idly by and watch crime happen but don’t do nothing that makes you just as guilty as the corrupt cops.

As for the politicians where’s all the money from the Maryland State Lottery that was going to help fund Baltimore city schools as well as the money from the casinos. Somebody should be sitting under the jail right now for that lie.

Citizens of Baltimore we can’t keep crying foul when things go wrong or writing an angry post on Facebook and Twitter about situations.

Each and every time something goes wrong in Baltimore we should be right there in front of city hall waiting to protest and have your voices heard but for some that seems like a daunting task. It starts with us and we just can’t afford to play the victim anymore not when I children’s Futures depend on it.



#My Happiness 

Realtalk moment

Two years ago I had a real talk moment with myself and I didn’t like the answer that I got.  Have you ever been fed up with grown ass people who has nothing better to do then keep some type of drama going like an episode of Love & Hip Hop.

That was me two years ago just tried of the drama and gossip the same old daily routine.   For me it serve no purpose to give my point of view on someone else situation especially if the person didn’t ask me for my view on the matter nor am I doing anything to make their problem better.

If I’m minding my own business and taking care of my own affairs that doesn’t leave me with a lot of  time to be worried about any body else life or situations.  I’m too busy securing my own peace of mind and happiness to medal in anyone else life once I adapted this method life became a whole lot easier for me.

I control my own happiness

Always remember misery loves company and always looking for new friends to add to its ever-growing list of miserable people looking for drama conflict stress is not just a way of thinking but a way of life.   For me I rather be happy and stay positive.     A great mindset with positive thoughts bring positive energy .

Think about it in this perspective when you trying to live healthier you eat right exercise diet all in the hope for a better life  the same could be said with your mindset positive thoughts bring positive energy and positive result.   If you do this with your body you should also do the same with your mind when you start eating healthy you eat plenty  of fruits and vegetable.  So we can say the same thing about ones mindset.   Positive perspective self-esteem and appreciate what they all ready  have will be a key ingredient to ones happiness.

One of the most importing thing in life is ones peace of mind and happiness and you shouldn’t let anyone dictate it for you no one should never have that much power over your life and your happiness.  Happiness is found when you stop comparing your life to other people and started appreciate yours.   Sometimes we put too much stock in other people through and feeling and not enough into our own stock. Happiness lies within you sometimes you just have to give it a chance.




# Forsaking all others

Relationship invasion

When did people marriages become a public discussions or a town hall meeting. Why are so many people in marriages are inviting guests into their relationships or what I like to call unwanted outside Consultants.

Theirs nothing wrong seeking advice from a true friend we all need help from time to time.  A true friend will have your best interest at heart not choosing sides in the matter.  Just giving their honest opinion straight no chaser even if that means checking you sometimes.

Now so-called friends are totally opposite they don’t come with an objective opinion about your relationship or situation they are strictly bias ready to cause mayhem and havoc to your relationship and before you know it you have a relationship invasion on your hands.

Give them an inch they will take a yard

There’s an old saying you wouldn’t invite the fox into the hen-house so you need to be careful who you discuss your marriage or relationship with remember misery loves company and sometimes misery bring their banana cream pie recipe with them. ( ready to mess up your relationship )

like I mentioned before a true friend will be there for you to give support and not picking sides or being judgmental trying to give good advice.  If the person that you’re talking to is not providing that you might want to rethink discussing your relationship with them.

We all have had a moments in our relationships when you needed to vent to someone about your relationship. Sometimes problems can arise if you’re not talking to a mature person. Give a person an inch they will take a yard and some people don’t understand that you’re venting and not looking for allies in a war and sometimes you have to remind yourself the same thing.   You can’t get mad at somebody if you inviting them into your house and they got their feet up on your coffee table.  People can only do what you allow them to do.

Commitment or confusion

Most people remember the ceremony when they got married but seems to forget the words to the wedding vowels on that day love honor cherish in sickness and health forsaking all others as long as both of you shall live till death do us part.

You  made a commitment between yourself your partner and God and now you’re trying to renegotiate the commitment and add an outside consultant for advice to the mix.

In today’s society it seems to be normal to discuss your problems with everybody  except the person that you’re in a relationship with your partner.  And to me that seems asinine you wouldn’t ask a cat for stock advice so why would you ask somebody who’s miserable about relationship advice.  When you started the relationship it was only you and your partner so only you and your partner should have a say-so in the matter and if you need a mediator it should  be God.