# You are not a special snowflake

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# I don’t want no damn banana cream pie. I’m on a diet


Banana cream pie…..

One of my most popular blogs was banana cream pie where I discuss being in a relationship with an immature person who is unwilling to grow up plays games and is hurting but won’t help their self or seek help from others. You thought you found the person of your dreams only to wake up in a living nightmare.

This is how it feels when you’re in a dealing with a banana cream pie person who won’t take ownership for their actions and will try to blame you for their probably.

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Check yourself before you wreck yourself……

I want to talk to the fellas on this one. The good guys the straight-8 you know the responsible ones that do the right thing in a relationship but . Sometimes in life we try to play the saver and rescue people. I don’t know if it’s an act of heroics or a built-in mechanism inside of men that always want to save the day .

when in reality the only person that needs to be rescue is us. Because you’re carrying yourself in a responsibility and adult manner you expect your partner to do the same but when they don’t what are going to do.

You can’t help someone who doesn’t want your help you can only be responsible for yourself and your actions not for what someone else say or does.  Sometimes as men we call our self being a team players or not trying to make any waves so we go along just to get along hoping for change but in the end still getting the same results the lies the cheating the disrespect you don’t have to deal with.

Have you asked yourself this question over and over again (424 times) why does she always lie to me, why is she not listening or why does she keep disrespecting me. Well the answer is simple because you keep put up with the bull crap and they know it. Besides it says it in the banana cream pie handbook chapter 11 page 117.


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The banana cream pie diet…..

The first thing to do when you start the banana cream diet is to have a real talk moment with yourself and take accountability for your part in your situation people can only do what you allow them to get away with.

Next cut back on the immature, disrespect, lying, deception, angry mode-swings also watch your drama intake.  Follow these instructions and you well on your way to a happy and successful life using my banana cream pie diet.  Watch those unwanted dreadful drama-filled pound just melt away in no time AND REMEMBER JUST SAY NO TO BANANA CREAM PIE. (call now operators are standing by to take your order.)


Take ownership

We are the masters of our own universe  and no ones happiness should come be for your own.

You can’t complain about how someone is mistreat you lying, disrespecting, cheating  when your right there with front row seat and you do nothing to change your situation you allow it to happen therefore it will continue.

Some people create their own storms, then gets upset when it rains that’s what they do but it doesn’t mean that you had to go along with the program your happiness is important as well.

When you’re in a relationship you both suppose to be on the same page communication, respect, loyalty should be the very fabric of your relationship if it’s not A House Divided is a house that surely will fall.   

I’m on a damn diet and I don’t want no banana cream pie.


# Patriotism and the Flag code

To be patriotic or not to be…..

Now this is the question that most Americans are asking now days. It seems that people true colors are coming out with all the hot debates about patriotism and kneeling during the national anthem and what some people consider disrespecting the flag. Now the question of patriotism and the flag is a Heated topic. I was hoping to get Ray Lewis input on the situation but Ray Lewis’s is tired from trying to playing both sides of the fence poor little Ray Ray bless his asthmatic heart.


Deceptions and lies…

Now the so-called patriotic people was upset that Colin Kaepernick and other NFL players for kneeling during the national anthem. According to them disrespecting the flag and the military services now I don’t agree with them but it is their first amendment right freedom of speech to disagree. Everyone has their own opinion and point of view on the matter. I understand that you think that kneeling is disrespectful in your eyes. And being the patriotic person that you are would never disrespect the flag not you. Your as American as baseball and Mom’s Apple Pie so disrespecting the flag isn’t in your DNA.


The Flag code…..

I ran across an article that I know the Patriotic People would love to hear about the U.S. flag code. Let’s begin with the flag code United States code title 4 chapter 1 section letter D the flag should never be used as wearing the parole bedding or drapery this would be considered disrespecting the flag. (hmm) That’s interesting I’ll get back to that later. Letter I of the flag code. The flag should never be used for advertising purpose in any manner whatsoever it should not be embroidered on such articles as cushions, handkerchiefs, printed or paper napkins, plates, and boxes this is also shown as a sign of disrespect. But surely every warm-blooded patriots would know this (right).


America the Hypocritical bully showing its true colors…..

White America has approach this patriotism conversation with the attitude of do as I say not what I do. Now according to the masses it’s un-American to kneel during the national anthem but White America has no problem putting the flag on beer cans, clothing items, bedding, paper plates, napkins etc for-profit.

Like I stated earlier in the flag code chapter 1 letter I the flag should not be used in any type of advertisement purpose at all but yet White America does this everyday for profit. Now this is considered disrespecting the flag so how patriotic are you really. To have a strong conviction about a matter only to turn around and do the very same thing that you have condemn a person for is very hypocritical.


Honesty is the best policy…

White Americans what are you really mad about. Is it really about the flag the same flag that white American people disrespect every day. Remember the Flag should not be used for any type of advertisement flag bikinis, flags on beer cans, flags on NFL helmets, major league baseball caps, NBA Jersey and bank logos. But yet product are made and sold for profit every day so who’s really disrespecting the flag America.

# Concerned student 1950

University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe has resigned over the miss handing of a series of racist incidents on the college’s Columbia campus. Wolfe was pressured to step down after the school’s football team announced it would boycott all football activities until Wolfe was removed from office. The controversy began in September when Payton Head the students association president said he was called a N***** by a group of men in a pick up truck while on campus. On October 5 a drunk student went onto a stage where the legion of black collegians was rehearsing a home-coming skit and screamed racial epithets the Kansas star reports. On October 10, during the school home-coming parade a group of students called concerned student 1950 ( a reference to the year black’s were first admitted to the 176 year old university)  surrounded Wolfe car and demanded he speak with them, but Mr. Wolfe had the police remove them from the parade.

On October 24, a student scrawled a swastika in human feces on the floor and walls of a dormitory according to the Kansas star, you can see why minority students were upset with Mr. Wolfe and his lack of empathy towards the problem. Student Jonathan Butler went on a hunger strike on November 2 saying he would not eat until Tim Wolfe was no longer president. On November 9, 10:55am Jonathan Butler told CNN that he welcome president Tim Wolfe resignation announcement Monday, but that the university still has a long way to go to make minority students feel welcome. Butler says the university governing board needs to listen to more minority students and faculty so that situations like this don’t happen again.

Carl Kenny a professor at the university of Missouri say the school has had racial problem for decades. Mr. Kenny a 1986 Missouri graduate who is also the pastor of a local church says the current trouble on the campus runs deeper than the leadership of university president Tim Wolfe, who announced Monday that he’s resigning, Kenny says minority students and faculty feel as if they don’t belong on campus unless they are football or basketball players. He says the atmosphere has been tension on campus since the university didn’t respond last year to the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson. Katelyn Brown a white sophomore from liberty, said she wasn’t aware of racism at the university, but she applauded the efforts of the black students group who have complained for months about racial slurs and inequality on the overwhelming white campus. University of Missouri Columbia campus has a population of 35,000 students 17% of whom are minorities. Tim Wolfe had to go for so many reasons one of those reasons is college football is a big business and Missouri University was not going to risk the football team missing a game that would cost them over a million dollars, Missouri also didn’t want to upset their boosters.  People like Don Walsworth this big time booster gave an $8.3 million dollar gift to the school”s athletic program in 2013.

Missouri Gov.Jay Nixon thank Tim Wolfe for stepping down, saying that his departure was necessary step toward healing and reconciliation. I take my hat off to the Missouri football team & the group concerned student 1950 for taking a stand also to coach Gray Pinkel who supported his team in these days and times it’s rare for someone to stand up and do what is right.  From 1950 to today racism on Missouri University campus.  The more thing change the more they stay the same when it comes to racism in white america.

coachs tweet

My corporation

Imagine you’re CEO of your own company how would you run it…

If you’re in charge of a major company (like AT&T) you wouldn’t let someone come in and  destroy the company or devalue it nor would you let them bring your stock down in your corporation before you say enough is enough and get rid of them.  So the same method can be used for a relationship.  The other day I got dragged into a convention two women was having. Complaining about their relationships I thought this was Subway eat fresh not hay stranger do you want to hear this.


Finger pointing 101

Now I don’t mind listening or helping somebody if I can. I believe in today’s society we play the victim too much and not taking enough responsibility for our own part in a situation.  The taller of the two women ask me excuse me sir would you respect a man who always cheat and lies to you well you shouldn’t a real man wouldn’t respect that.

It was obvious that the woman already had her mind made up and really didn’t want to hear what I had to say. I guess I was there for moral support or maybe an honorary girlfriend for the moment.

The women then stated I wasted 10 years fooling with him. Now its human nature to complain about stuff that we have control of but won’t do nothing to change your situation or fix it. People can only do what we allowed them to do.

So you can’t complain about someone’s ruining your life and you’re sit right there in the passenger seat watching the accident about to happen. Stop playing the victim and take charge of your life and become your own hero.wp4phone_20160919181102_1



As I excused myself from the lady’s I thought to myself sometimes in life you have to think outside the box.  Ask yourself this do you know your own worth. If you’re the CEO of a fortune 500 company ( your relationship) that means you’re in charge of the daily operations such as hiring firing and routine over seeing of the company .

Your responsibility for whom to hire and are they a good fit for your company. Will they show a good return on your investment and increase your company growth.

You made a decision and hired a new employee and business is flourishing life is good and everything is going well. So well that you are thinking about merging the 2 company’s together and making them a shareholder in the company. ( remember always keep the majority stock in your own company)

The first couple of years are going well. A new partnership between you and your new employee is great your company is growing profits are on the rise. But just like with companies (relationship) sometimes hit rough and turbulent time. When that moment occurs what are you going to do ( Mr. Mrs.) CEO.


Ownership is required

Your company profits are down marketing sales and productions are at an all-time low it might be time for you to make tough decisions like cut back and layoffs. As the CEO of your own company are you going to sit by and watch your company crumble crash and burn by somebody else’s hands or are you going to do something to prevent this.

The same philosophy can be used in relationships . Sometimes in relationships we put more stock into other people then we do ourselves.

Listening to the lady at subway talk about her man and blaming the whole 10 years on him without no accountability for her own action in the relationship is ludicrous.  If you’re the CEO of your company then you’re in charge of the entire operation. The hiring the firing the disciplinary actions nothing shouldn’t happen without your permission remember you are the only one who should have the majority control of your corporation.